8 July 2006

Its That Time of The Year Again!!! YEEHHAA!!!!

Yup, I m all packed and ready to go! Manta Rays, Baracuddas, Reef sharks, Anchovies and dolphins HERE I KAM!!!!

I derno my phone can get gprs signal anot, if not then I knot blog liow ... but need not to worry, Rojaks Daily still open for business like usual. Plenty of guest bloggers will keep posting while Im away and if i m lucky i also can blog too.

So while I m gone, please be nice to my guest bloggers ok? MCH! who bully them I kambek dat time i sure fark 9 yew upside down one ..... now where did i put my passport?

Hope i wont drown n die or get eaten by a killer whale or tiger shark LMAO!



  1. Anonymous3:29 pm

    1st !!!!111one

    I suppose being the 1st to wish you happy holiday deserve a souvenir!

    Happy holiday !

  2. Anonymous3:36 pm

    cibet! ngee he lai wui?

  3. yippie holidays!! :D

  4. bryan : seashells u want ar ? or u prefer live ikan bilis? lol!

    Ahpek : hee chim sui (diving la)

    crazygrrl : YAAHHOOO!!!

  5. mak sure catch sam pish...i lyk 2 eat pish... :P

  6. since you are going for holiday, dont forget about our souvenir, hot chicks in bikini will be enough! hoho

  7. Anonymous4:47 pm

    fulamak... go diving do wat ah. catch mermaids ah. catch 1 for me. *hiak hiak. cun one lar i wan. *wink wink. happy diving ooo.

    thxs for visiting my blog. ur blog is better. veli funny oso ur posts. i like humerous posts.

    dun woli abt ur guest bloggers yar. we'll give them a veli nice time. ;)

  8. Condoms, don't forget condoms. But aiks, Mrs. Wingz oso going so no need la, kwai-kwai dun let thaigers catch you hor?

  9. Anonymous5:02 pm

    I want seashells! I don't think you can catch live ikan bilis lah. LoL... :D

  10. ahnel : u pretend to be waterpish lemme catch la .. i use spear gun to catch u want anot? LOL!

    headhunter : souvinier ar ? seashells ngam mou? or u want dead corals?

    lilkitchenguy : if i found mermaid i diam diam keep for myself lerrr .. u got nice blog i actually shud tenkiu for the reading pleasure!

    5xmom : au naturel ... never been a customer to durex lol

    bryan : ok lar i dive 50m down and get 1 seashell for u la ... then u tell ppl this seashell very spesel one .. not found on beach ok? lol

  11. Anonymous5:21 pm

    wah blader

    so rich one ah,holiday in far far country.hepi holday.

  12. wa.. Wingz so adventurous !
    if you find sunken treasure
    dun keep quietly to yourself wor..

    happie holidays!!

  13. Ho Ho ho... time for me to hijack Rojaks.

  14. have a great time..& don't bite those sharks!

  15. spare the sharks no matter how hungry u are, ok? happy holiday, man!

  16. Wahh saii pi mana?! Redang ar? damn song right you. Yeee I aso want >:(
    Anyway have fun!

  17. Anonymous9:08 pm

    Enjoy your holiday !! Bring bek souvenir

  18. Anonymous9:39 pm

    where u going to dive ? next time call us lar...we're divers also !!! HARDCORE Divers !

  19. Anonymous10:00 pm

    don think shark will eat you lar, fark you most probably yes.

    you better hide your cock properly, else when you cum back, you can change your blog title to cockless wingz

  20. Anonymous10:08 pm

    y!aiyo wingz ar wingz u HOW kenyal u know anot?! c the minyak also the shark fast fast swim away la! btw have a NICEEEE trip and souvienir plz!

  21. zx20 : hahah habis holiday that time kambek empty poket lagi happi ler!

    frostier : coral reef ka? i derno can kluar kastam anot lol

    dreamie : sunken treasure?? i think find sunken "chest" easier ... KL also got lotsa sunken "chest" kakakaka

    WH? : makai lu how long no post ledi har ?

    wuching : thanks ... u might as well ask those shark dun bite me lol!

    sengkor : I allergic to shark one ler so dun werry

    dawn : no ler i go that place kena use passport wan ... kl go redang no nid passport rite anot?

    ace : bring back Mui heong salted fish for u ok ar ?

    Terenceg : wuah who else divers? jom we organise bloggers diving team !!

    sk : MCH wat say lidat meh? want curse 9 me meh? me not related to TUN one leh!!

  22. belle : cilaka lu ... later i met u then u die ugly!!!

  23. bryan : ok lar i dive 50m down and get 1 seashell for u la ... then u tell ppl this seashell very spesel one .. not found on beach ok? lol

    Brader, you got jalan with Bryan issit? Wuah, I read also kamtoong, dive 50m to get a shell for him. Why, he kasi you free webhosting for your gay porn siteS ah? HAHAHA.

  24. Enjoy yourself!! lol

    Hey, spare those dolphins OK?? :-P

    PS: Hope you'll post lots of pics!!

  25. Anonymous11:46 pm

    Wah. Go Phuket diving ah?
    So nice leh. Remember to take lots of seksi chicks pic, hor. When you go on leave ah? Apply liao or not?

  26. Anonymous12:38 am

    Have fun man. Wei... just because you see sharksfin don't luan luan take and make soup ok. Take care.

  27. helen : tenkiuuu!!! i lafu dolphins!!!

    wong : blog like me? if can find such a person then i can sau tong ledi lol every individual is diff one mahh rite anot?

    inevitable : tenkiu ...

    hijackqueen : phuket? no lar i go klang diving only ler

    gbyeow : i sked itu shark thinks i m a big meaty seal only lol!

  28. they say hor, if u eat banyak sharkfin, the shark won't eat you b'cos you smell like one of them.

  29. Take passport go where? Enjoy yourself and have a good trip!

  30. my boly got tattoo 9 koi pish and 1 gold pish so me no leed petend pish...lol

  31. Enjoy your trip. Don't cumback with one limb only (the rest eaten by sharks) okay?! LOL.

  32. Anonymous10:04 pm

    shaolin, KY, my wife, me, funkydiv3r, a few more

    good idea, we can all blog and dive and blog and dive

  33. nyonya : if eat too much shark fin then will smell like sharkfin one ka? lidat lagi cham la! later the fishermen thot i m sharkfin goan hunt 9 me!!!

    kingwife : i go diving kat port klang only ... i sked i ter-drifted to batam so i get ready passport la LOL!!!

    ahnel : your body got tattoo waterpish anot??

    titoki : wuah i thot ur look very hakyanjang only .. mana tau your mouth sommo hakyanjang!!!

    terenceg : wah lau eh your wife so adventurous one ka? chun leh jom jom!


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