5 July 2006

of Ahpek and Guinness Stout

After a few days of blogging about some social related stuffs i think i better switch back to to my crappy jokes n junks posts if not it will be difficult to get back the rhythm later and I will lost touch with my lame and crappy self. That is not something I look forward to .... -_-""

Ahpek stumbled upon an old brass lamp while he was walking home from his regular yum seng session, he picked it up and rub onnit abit then this Genie came out and grant him 3 wishes for freeing him.

Ahpek, still high from all the drinking .... thought for a while, he then said to the Genie :

Ahpek : Ah! I know what i want liow! I want a bottle of Guiness Stout that will not run dry!
Genie : Your wish is my command *poof*

A bottle of Guiness appeared in front of Ahpek, Ahpek gets hold of it and drinks it down. The bottle magically refills itself again when Ahpek hold it upright excited Ahpek gushed the Guiness all down again and it refills itself everytime Ahpek put the bottle upright. Needless to say Ahpek is now pissed drunk ledi la ...

This went on for 15 minutes or so and finally the Genie ask out to Ahpek :

Genie : And what are your other 2 wishes?
Ahpek : Errm ... *Hic* ... I derno ler ....
Genie : Please be hurry, I got a couple of hundred years of catching up to do.
Ahpek : ok la! ok la! dont lansi la! Just gimme 2 more of this bottle la!




  1. Tiu lor, tomorrow, ah pek sure sue you. Paling teruk, ahpek will ask for two kais mah.

  2. mahai if i woh... if that genie is hot sexy lady...
    1st wish i will say: you will granted very wish i wish for...

    2nd wan i say: you will be my wife forever and ever.

    3rd wan ? no need mah... she become my wife oledi...

  3. Anonymous3:28 am

    knn...DAMN LAME LERH!!!blog bout wat u shit today is more interesting thn tis apek entry =( sad nia.tot got interesting stuff to read...grill wingz

  4. Aiyah, then Ah Pek can use his 3 bottles of GUiness to make lots of money ler.. Just imagine hiring him as bartender for parties and clubbing... Just pay him RM1000 and get unlimited ohkau wor...

  5. Anonymous9:18 am

    oi, i where got so teruk wor..

  6. ah pek can open a guiness stout only pub coz he has unlimited stout to sell! rich liao!

  7. Anonymous12:24 pm

    Luckily ahpek didn't ask for 3 kkc. LoL...

  8. 5xmom : want sue me mehh?

    pisang : if u found a genie why would you want a wife? lol!

    belle : I kena tone down la ... u think everyday also got interesting things happening mehh?

    helen : ya la he can open 3 free flow stout beer bar

    ahpek : free stout wor! dunwan meh?

    wuching : ya la ... ahpek now can sell stout cheaper than mineral water!

    bryan : 3 kkcs n 6 balls? kakaka too heavy liow lar ahpek no power to walk around with it lol!


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