18 July 2006

What Kinda Price You Would Pay for a Hairdo?

Normally i wont open the mail but yesday i derno what got into me, I actually opened this credit card statement i got from my mailbox.

I also havent seen any credit card bills since I got married because thats not in my department you see, thats under my wife department, she is handling all the bills payment and my job is to *Finance* it only.

But yesday while i was taking a peek into my credit card bill, i saw this funny amount which is listed under the sub-card, it says "La Mode Coiffure - Mid Valley" and the amount not consider small also la so I checked with my wife

Click on image for a larger version

Me : oi ... what is this "La Mode Coiffure - Mid Valley" listed under your card?
Her : Where? lemme see ....
Me : Nah ... take a look
Her : Oh this one har? This one I go perm my hair wan ler .....
Me : Perm your hair??!! Perm your hair for RM332.60??!!! Thats more than my annual haircut expenses!!!!
Her : Cheh .... normal price what? I have been going to that saloon for 1 yr+ ledi ler, now only you know meh?
Me : 1 yr plus??!!!

Now you know why people say women mia money very easy to make one huh? RM300+ for a hairdo also willing to spend!!! AARGGGHHH!!!! TIN AR!!! KAU MENG AR!!!


  1. Hahaa... Again, don't open the bills if you never do so for the past 1 year.

    RM330 * 12 = RM3960. Can buy chun chun pc already.

  2. Anonymous1:51 am

    1st !!!11oneone

    Mah hai, that's my annual haircut expenses.

    But it's kinda normal if girls do some perming, straightening, highlighting, technique rebonding, bla bla bla...

  3. Anonymous1:53 am

    Nia mah Jason taken my place.

  4. your wife 'pan leng leng' for you mah =)

  5. *tralalalala...Mr. Wingz is going to get long ears after Mrs. Wings reads this*

    But hor, don't hate me lah, the last time I cut my hair was August 2005.
    And I have not been back to cut my hair 'cos I hate people touching my head.

  6. Juz give me an ugly wife n leave my $$ alone !!

  7. Anonymous3:00 am

    wakakaka..next time dun buka the mail lor, tarak sakit hati, now see.. buka mail ledi still got to finance wat.

  8. RM300++
    you know i can buy gundam model perfect grade wan...

    still in hair saloon they just cut 1mm oni thenthey charge you RM20!!!
    that high class mamak barber dun charge this much...

  9. wei..guys. dun like that lah. it's a bit expensive than usual salloon. i've bet that hair stylist making her happy[i mean making her look pretty].
    I think its the type of perming solution she choose. add up all other services can be a big scary amount sometimes.
    let's say, her perming is rm200(maybe a ceramic wave perm with best solution), then rm 60 cut hair(the best pro stylist there),hair treatment rm 80,wash n blow hair rm 20, total up is rm360.
    she maybe does perming once a year only.
    frequent visit means trim or cut hair only, maybe colouring rm150-200 when bored, straigtening rm180-200 sometimes, etc.
    If u go to a bad salloon, u could end up looking like a bombarded fritz ball unable to save later.
    That's y I only go salloon once a year. It can be costly or just let it get long. So mafan being a girl sometimes. if a girl don't have nice hair, she can't never let it down. The hair is always the first thing you notice a girl from 'afar'. just ask your wife kindly to go less frequent lo.

  10. wingz gets his wife to look after the budget? si lor! bad mistake!

  11. Anonymous8:01 am

    Dear Wingz wife,

    where is the shop ah? how come so cheap keh? can u pls gv me address ah? the hairdo ok boh?

    Hehe... last time hor...i did my perm la..color la..hair cut la.. treatment la... all add up rm888. your husband is very nice to u leh...he only :ARGGGHHH!!!! TIN AR!!! KAU MENG AR!!! in his blog. Mine ar?? face black black whole day. You know y??

    he said: Pan Kom Leng, show to WHO?? cannot go out for one month.

  12. rm300++ u take d money go shoot gun at tai cock more fun ler...can learn more cun so nex time u we can challen shoot...muahaha...

    mirror:ngai tiaw...u go saloon once a year then beter don go diving if not all the pish die...muhaha...

  13. Wingz, just as what cynthia said : 'pan leng leng' for you mah..Bring her go out mamak yumca aso feel proud la..Evelibodi look at ur wife, whistling, u aso *kembang* ma

    I agree with Ace, who ask u itchy-itchy hand go buka mail, browse the statement..Tarak buka mai no heart pain lo..

  14. cipat cipat call the bank to cancel the sub-card lor :P

    before you get another heart attack!

  15. For a perm, this RM300+ is damn reasonable liao! I know there are places who charge this amt just for a cut.

    That is why I always tell my frens, hairstylist is a money making profession. Just think. How much consultation a specialist (medicine) charge you? How much money and time the specialist need to undergo before he's a specialist? Now, compare that with a hairstylist.... Get the picture?

    Wingz, you can change profession now... it's not too late. lol

  16. Anonymous9:54 am

    dem kaya or showing off???

  17. Anonymous10:18 am

    usual price leh. RM80 for wash & cut, RM200 for colour or perming/straigthening and then RM100 for treatment also can..... not easy being a girl.

  18. Muahahahaha. You really blur sotong lah you...

  19. Anonymous11:33 am

    hahaha....Mums gather told me about your entry so I came to check it out! haha..coz today I blogged about things whch I should not tell my husband, and one of them is the ammount I spend on a haircut! hehe...

  20. Faster write more good stuffs on Rojaks to earn more money on adsense for wifey to do nice hair :)

  21. haha, not only they cut ur hair, but they will also leave you with a badly severed head when u leave the salon ...

  22. jason : wuah dun rub it in lerrr .. pain sial!

    bryan : mch ... if you stick that 330+ on the hair lagi more ppl look at u ler!

    cynthia : err .. like i said "if leng then no nid to perm hair also leng one ... if not perm what hair also no use!"

    5xmom : your ATM lucky la!

    rub : RIGHT ON!!! u got it nailed right on the spot!

    ace : if no open mail hor ... later pokai ledi also derno why ler!

    pisang : RM300+ can go kiu kai ledi!!!

    mirror : but but if u stick that RM330 on your hair kan ... everyone will look at u wor!! better innit?

    wuching : I taking over the budgetting dept from now on lerrrr

    yanni : see i so nice! so u think she will show me black black face if i cancel her credit card anot?

    ahnel : RM300 shoot chicken also can ler!

    youngbrat : pan lengleng let ppl see?? use my money but let other ppl see wor? i dont see why i shud be proud of that ler

    eggy : cancel sub card??? u want me to die izzit? or u want me to bcome divorcee?

    helen : u lich mahhhh ... RM300 is enuff to buy food for entire month liow!

    sirfnux : bro but pther ppl also get to see what? lidat i rugi lar since i m paying for it.

    anonymous : neither ... I'll tell u more if you lemme know who u r :)

    piffles : Not easy being a girl???!!! then the one financing the girl LAGI not easy ler! lol

    mumsgather : i not blur sotong ler ... i dem heart pain only ...

    hearts : yea .. how easy it is to make money from women hor?

    pablopabla : adsense also knot sapot this kinda hobby man!!!

    earl-ku : which head severely damaged?? lol

    frostier : open 2 eyes also lidis ... if close one eyes pokai ledi la!

  23. Wingz,

    Then we better come "click" your homepage a couple of times a day so that adsense can sapot ur wife hairdo.

  24. Anonymous3:24 pm

    why girls always use the excuse that they're making themselves prettier for their husband/bf? what a lame excuse....

    i think should try to set a trend that girls look hotter with short hair..then there is no need with perm and straightening bla bla....only hair-cut.....

  25. Rm 300+ is normal price. But I also never never never go for hair straightening, perming, relaxing or whatever though the hair stylist is forever trying so hard to ask me to go for all these 'treatments'.
    But hoh can you tell me why you let ur wife take over that department ? I want to learn from her so that I can take over that department from my future husband.... :P

  26. Niasing ! Now Lin Peh know u damn kaya ! So..stop complaining about inflation and please pay up your hutang !!!!!! (6 months overdue liao la) LOL!

  27. waa ur wife is so cool about da amount she spent

  28. Anonymous3:46 pm

    Aiyo, Wingz..cannot liddat

    Haven u heard b4 such saying that a successful man is someone who can earn alot for the wife to spend on anything.

    And a successful woman is someone who can find such husband. Woahahahaha!!!

  29. if u wanna change ur hairdo, do sum research as i did earlier. drop by to my site than u'll know. It's bout Geek hairdo change.


  30. ooo the last time i spend that amount (actually rm500++) was the day before my wedding.. now I everything also DIY.. much cheaper. buy own hair dye and do it in the comfort of your own home... If hair long already, get my cousin to rim for me... cheap cheap only...

  31. Next time u see Mrs.Wingz got new hairdo,then u know anoder RM300++ gone.lolx

  32. niamah, I go saloon twice a year and I never perm my hair. SO cheaper lor. My dog goes saloon also cost RM40 liao...

    Your wife looks pretty the glory is yours. Dun complain.

  33. surelah RM300 can last one year - does not cost much to maintain pat leong kum hairstyle mah

  34. Anonymous9:49 pm

    Now only you know ah? Hehehe... You go Hupzai overhaul plus full serbis return trip also no need 300 hor?

  35. la mode cheap ma.. not cheap meh.. from 3 years ago my dream is to go there to cut my hair geh.. but tak jadi cos i cannot save enough money mar

  36. Anonymous11:00 pm

    Be brave mate, live with your decisions.

  37. wingz: u know. i would like to use the rm300 to stick on my hair but i don't believe the glue will stay on forever. if my hair can grow money i more happy. but wat to do. my hair is like grass, need the best cut and treatment to look more high class grass. so i don't look like bush when i goes out.

    ah nel: eh, i didn't go salloon everyday doesn't mean i don't bath everyday lah. salloon for cutting hair and other services for hair only lah. anyway, I know how to take care of my own hair on normal day. I have a non proffessional house salloon. Aunties n frens look for me to dye their hair or change a hairlook without cutting. i can't cut my own hair so will go salloon once a year la.

  38. pablopabla : hahaha lidat also can eh?

    ront : wuah cool down cool downn ....

    sming : normal plice? i thot 20 bucks is normal plice lol!

    linpeh : kasi 2 more days larrr

    holyboy27 : yala shes not the one who hafta pay mah dats why ler

    clarene : I also wanna find a successful wife who will spend money on me, u got intro anot?

    j.j. : thanks for the infos

    abuchak : wuah u lagi terror RM500++!!!

    sotongking : want to rub it in sommo meh? I banned her from that place liow wor!

    helen : but RM300 wor!!! i never used more than 50 bucks on my head what more 300 bucks??!!!

    nyonya : sure 300 bucks can last 1 year anot? she every month also go saloon one wor!

    sifu : ya la kena conned liow sial

    shireen : u rich mah of coz cheap la!

    larry : yea i m living with it everyday of my current life lol

    mirror : i think bush is nice ... kinda like bonsai lidat.lheqs

  39. wingz:i don't want to be the wellknown walking human bonsai lah. i dont' want to take your first place.not even want to a runner up. ;p

  40. 300++ bux?? *gasp* I usually spend not more than 70 bux (cut, treatment & perm) in a home salon. Where do you live ah? Come, I recommend Mrs. Wingz that place la.. :)

  41. Rm300 ++ I think is reasonable..if she perm, color, cut, treatment..etc.

    Plus if she leng leng, you walk besides her also can feel proud mah

  42. haha which head severed?

    if you let her do her hair, ur head, the one with a brain inside will be severed

    if you complain and dont let her go ... ur head down south will be severed ...

  43. i'm talking about you lah. you said your whole year haircuts(pat leong kam hairstyle) oso don't cost RM300. LOL

  44. That's memang standard. Next time, dun open the bills. dunno better...heheeheee

  45. HAHAHAHAHAHA..... WEI at least perm also perm twice a year niah. Dun tell me she go there to wash n blow dry. mah sei.

  46. okla tu...
    i spent RM700 on rebonding + cut + treatment


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