25 July 2006

Sending My Car to the Clinic

I was gonna post something yesday note but the stupid cibai blogspot dun lemme login, so knot post anything. I'd been quiet bcoz im blardee tired after the weekend trip to PD and also my lil devil isnt feeling very well, so i gotta play fader for the nite.

Thank god for my Digi EDGE, if not i derno wtf to do here while waiting for my car to be ready in 3 hours time.

The last time i was here i slept for the entire 3 hours and god know whether i got snore loud loud anot kakakaka!! mahai if got snore dem 9 malu sial!

I derno how much it gonna cost me this time, but i reckon if they need 3 hours to fix the car then I aint gonna like the numbers in the bill.... wish me luck! or send me money!!!!

The only consolation here is the free flow kofi, they even send it to you ... all you gotta do is just tell them you wanted more kofi. Hell i m gonna drink as much as i could and imagine I m paying for StarBARK RM10/cuppa kofi lidat i will feel better when come the time to pay the bill.

Any fler felt very charitable lately anot? I can be reached at rojaks.wingz@gmail.com tenkiu!



  1. muhahahahar u so free ah sit there 3 hours..

  2. everyone was burning money last night...should ask them gv to you rather than burn it huh? :P

    u driving black jazz?nice car...

  3. i had a same problem oso with blogger when i reply my post about durian post , mahai all the post hilang tulan betul la...

    ah nel that is not his car his car in front of that jazz la

  4. soli lah hor..i oso bankrupt ledi!

  5. wah, drive Honda Jazz somemore wan us to charity u ah..

    people like us driving kancil or wira then die lor..

  6. Wingz, that Honda Jazz yours kah?

    By the way, can ask Azalina for some money. She got RM490 million to spend.

  7. One mystery I haven't solve is why men likes to wait for their cars to be repaired. Like my atm, I offered to pick him after he dropped the car and later return to pick it. He said cannot wor, he wants to keep an eye on how they do it. If I go hair saloon or even kena doctor's treatment for 3 hours hor, he probably sez, I come back later ok? But if car hor, 3 hours also mo man thai. Conclusion : All men are chisin wan.

  8. pisang:whre got car in front of that honda black jack?i noe its hunkry ghost fest so dont scared me...i saw the indian lady with 5 cups and ao many plates on the table got lar...cheh...

    mama lilian:men r not chisin...they just love their car than "anything"... :P

  9. THe coffee and entertaiment is all bundled up into your final bill. LOL

  10. Anonymous2:06 pm

    Brand new car wor..wat to fix somemore? Service oni ma, need 3 hours meh?

  11. Anonymous2:57 pm

    AceOne, 3 hours considered fast already. You should try Toyota Service Center - more 9 6. I waited 6 hours once. I guess because there's more Toyotas on the road.

  12. Ah Nel - Nay...you no see the sexy girl in red cheongsam, red shoes, red handbag, red hankerchief, sitting in the passenger seat, waiting for Rojakz meh? Nay...show the peace sign somemore. LOL

  13. i'll jot down on a recycle paper 'Money' then fax to u ok?

  14. my last car fix at proton..cost me d*mn rm500++. I was shocked. Then I found out my window mirror can't controlled liao with the button. It was fine before. Then I drive back to tell the guy. They checked. They said they don't have nothing to do with it. I went home and found a new scratch on my car. I sweared I'm not going back there to have car service liao. No matter how many free drinks given. Good luck to your car.

  15. mama lilian:i saw a big lady in red bz tapau cups and plates and didnt seen she shown any peace sign...

    mama plz look at ur back?u r not alone rite? :P

    today 1st lunar chinese calendar so its temple day... :)...not forgotten ur 2 fren u request for blessing...

  16. cermin:he was not driving protorn lar...as i noe protorn sebis got so xpensib mer?

    try honda sebis then u noe what is xpensib...

  17. Anonymous7:11 pm

    Ok, I scan some RM50 notes and send to your email, you wait ah!

  18. ya lah, these men, they can just sit there and wait for hours. as if they get to learn anything from the mechanics.

  19. Hahaha guys sit at the mechanics becos those damn mechanics will probably go repair somebody else's car (who is waiting there) if you don't keep an eye on them. Happens to me all the time! :-(

  20. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  21. nisan service center got free unlimited drinks woh!

    you wan charity ar ok la.... i fotokopi blank cheuqe to you and you can write any amout you like

  22. U didnt ask the coffee lady to pose for ya? Wasted!

  23. ks - Later she asked Rojaks - Lu mau susu sama itu kofi ah?


  24. lmf : abuden? 3 hours only wor! i cant take a cab to work ... 1 hour goto opis n another hour to go back to the workshop ... i might as well sit there n wait ler

    ahnel : mahai ... curse me lidat meh!!! I burn marsilee give u then u know!

    pisang : yar knot komplen lar ... free thing no good ... good thing no free

    wuching : u stay angmoh country where can so easy bankrupt wan ler!

    spiller : that honda jazz is not mine ler ... my car is in front mia honda civic 1982 (not visible in the pic)

    pablopabla : no ler honda jazz too expensive for me .... knot afford ler!

    5xmom : hahaha u got it wrong this time ler! its too far from my opis lar ... the return journey itself would takes up to 2 hours and not to mention derno how much in taxi fares .. so might as well wait right?

    helen : got meh? no leh!! no show service charges also in the bill.

    aceone : brandnew? wah lan eh ... antik ledi lar! where got brand new? that jazz is not mine laaaa

    tenacious : Sending a Toyota to service is very the torturous ... you kena wait long long nebermind but their serbis staffs all lansi lanyong wan!!! mahai!!! like u hotang them notchet pay lidat!

    niki : u fax me then i burn for u lar .. want anot? lol

    mirror : send some banglas over to the workshop to burn 9 it down la!!!

    bryan : u email me then i print it out and write your name onnit then i burn to u la ok???!!!!

    nyonya : i dint sit there n look at the mechanic do work ler .. i sat in the waiting area n blog n surf net n reply emails

    helen : no ler here gotta take number one .. knot jump Q one geh

    pisang : can also .. u fotokopi blank cek n gimme ... then i write your name and burn for u lol!

    ks : i derno u kofi lady also wanna sapu wan!!!! nx time i ask her to pose for u ok?!

    5xmom : susu expired ka? lol

  25. i don't know any banglas ler >..<


  26. Anonymous9:06 am

    HAHA.... Wingz, how you know ah? Macam got experience lidat. You got another Toyota car ah? I think need to consider other workshop liao.


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