2 July 2006

Discovery Weekend - Kuala Lumpur 1 Day Tour

HAHA! i dint put words into this post because by the time i finish uploading the piktures i suddenly felt very sleepy ler. So i go ahead and post the pics 1st I thot later only put words lar ... mana tau so fast got so many ppl komen ledi lol. -_-""

The lifts in the newly refurbished Grand Plaza Park Royal Hotel, this is where we met our friend who came all the way from New Zealand to visits us.

After coffee we ae off to our KL 1 day tour! Little Devil are kinda attached to them by now, he even hold their hands while walking around KL. Its LRT and monorail all the way.

Our first stop, Lebuh Ampang, nicknamed Little India, boy i havent been here for ages

The last time I am here is because I hafta go tiusyen, after i came out to work i never step into this area anymore.

Stepping back into lebuh Ampang actually brings back so many memories .... last time me and her used to wait for bus together-gether in this place .... i wonders how shes doing now ... :P

Little India is one of the most colourful street in the whole of KL.

Old style muruku/indian snacks seller. No fancy fancy packing just plain ol' good tasting snacks!

Saree anyone? Speaking of saree, i got a frend who just joined some sareee competition ... i wonder if she won .. hmm...

In Malaysia yellow line on the curb means "Please Park Here and dont worry because its weekend! the law enforcers dont work on weekend!"

Pudu Jail, Never know Pudu jail could look this nice expecially with a green patch just right beside it.

Manara Jagung Kembar! The Twin Corn Towers!

Coffee break anyone?

Colorful KL monorail

We end our one day tour with dinner in a vegetarian restaurant, what a splendid evening!

Sometimes its nice to just walks/wander around town without any preplan programs, you would discover more that way :)

What has you Discovered today?

Rojaks Daily Sapot kaw kaw Visits Malaysia Year 2007!!!


  1. Anonymous4:23 pm

    Cool, no word at all, just one dot. :)

  2. wuahh, so wonderful...next time can bring me along ar?

  3. Is that grampa taking lil' devil out on a walkabout?
    Great to know he's doing well.

  4. yeahlor.. i oso din c any dot worr..

  5. wuah! silent movie hor! lil' devil is the star!

  6. ah! family bonding day.

  7. Anonymous6:12 pm

    Wah, nice jalan2. Great time with family. I wish can have something like that again by the end of the year.

  8. Anonymous7:47 pm

    wahhh..little india so nice ledi.

  9. Anonymous10:54 pm

    The dot is still there, just between "Rojaks Daily Sapot kaw kaw Visits Malaysia Year 2007!!!" and Google Ads.

    If you still cannot see, press "Show Original Post" just beside this comment box then look the end of this post.

    When I first came, apa word pun tarak, only that dot and pics. :p

  10. me oso did'nt go there for long time oledi.... at little india...

    you mention you together-together with somewan... who is he?

  11. Lucky I never commented yet 'cos I wanted to ask, jek, why your father seems like angmoh a bit. LOL.

    BTW, you kena interrogation yet anot? Nehh...Mrs. Wingz pull ear till you tell who you went tuition with? Hahaha. Come on, tell us lah. Got pic to show anot? Ala Willwolf style (btw, mana pegi that wolf?)

  12. Oh! They also have a big ad in Perth TV. Very mem-bangga-kan =)

  13. Anonymous2:42 am

    lil derv beli cute!!!!!look like mama or papa? cannot look like u hor? btw yr papa doing well HAPPY FOR U!

    AGAIN u rox

  14. Lil Devil in Lil India (What a nice desc u hv)

    Yalo..Who is that someone who wait for bus together-gether wit u wo??!!

  15. eh wingz... i'm confused... aren't u from kl?

  16. bryan : wuah u so terror! that one dot also u can see!!

    sotongking : mch u how old ledi still want me to bring u around? u want me to change ur diaper for u anot?

    frostier : thereee

    cocka : thats not grandpa ler .. thats my frend

    crazygrrl: got ler at the end of the post got 1 dot to seperate the ads from the post one geh

    wuching : hahaha like charlie chaplan silent movie huh? but that one black n white only wor

    nyanya : yeah family bonding day, not much of those days left.

    surfnux : yea its nice when the whole family get together

    aceone : how long u no go there ledi?

    pisang he is a she laaa not a he lol

    5xmom : dunwan tell ler .. shy ler

    cynthia : u mean the visit malaysia year 2007?

    belle: look like papa la of coz! lol

    youngbrat : a girl lerrr *blush*

    boss stewie : yar i m from kl but it has been ages since i do something lidat lol

  17. have a view in my blog.. here


  18. Can oso if i wear diaper. At least got u to clean up the shit

  19. Anonymous3:52 pm

    Some ppl stay in KL but never visit Twin Tower before. Dem jakun.

  20. The boy is adorable...


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