30 July 2006

Internet Trolls and Lifeless Bastards!

An Example of trolls and lifeless bastard on a Sunday Afternoon.

Date and Time : 06-07-30 17:53:19
IP address :
Nick Used : Long Fu Mun
Jeff, I agree... I long time Bo Song reading Wingz boring posts adi. He thot his blog is so CLEVER and FUNNY but he is actually a shallow boring self-important ashole blogger with nothing to say

Reply : Lung Liahmah, boh song dont read lar kau hai! read mudhai read? go read liahmah la! ask liahpah make a blog let u read lar! if liahpah sei 9 jor then ask liahpoh make la! hamkahlin! got so many ppl die why you not yet die? just now hujan ledi, if u die now easier for ppl to dig 9 your lobang to tanam you!

Date and Time : 06-07-30 17:36:12
IP :
Nick Used : Jeff Ooi
This blog is called "A Bunch of Funny Comedian Who Wanna Save The World with Supplies of Daily Jokes, Junks, Funny Videos and Funny Craps" not "Wingz family Vacation blog". Wingz is spoiling rojaks.

Reply : bobo, spoil your farking dickhead la! you stupid moronic retard!! this is my blog lar sohai!!! you dont sik siu siu barn toi piu lar! you dont even fucking know i own this blog and yet u barking non stop here for what fark? you goan ask your mader make you one blog lar!!! then u goan bark at your mader ... sau pei lar go play far far ... you got ask your mader for permission to come online anot? you finish your homework anot??!!!

Date and Time : 06-07-30 17:34:52
IP :
Nick Used : Jeff Ooi
Im going to post this one more time under my real name and if you delete this YOU ARE A FARKING PUSSY.

Reply : bobo, Niahmah jau pussy lar ... sohai!!! you fartwan hamkahlink! people dont get pussy for deleting your retarded komen one lar haipot ... sau pei lar!!! wuahahahaha!!!

Date and Time :06-07-30 17:32:28
IP :
Nick Used : Don Wong
Ham ga ling! Fuk you lah bobo!

The last 3 comments belongs to the same people and this ASSLESS fucker I know who you are .... bcoz only that retard thinks this blogs does not belongs to me, anyone want his email? Maybe I should send this ip and his email to Mimos and let them find 9 him huh?

He thinks he used other ppl's blog and nick (Pisang and Jeffooi) to flame me lar I wont know its him la konon .... i dont blame him ... ppl lidat have very low IQ, so i m not suprised if he derno he can be traced one. Be kind to retards like him ok?

Who know mimos mia email address ar? I wanna email them these IP la.



  1. oi cipet wingz... stop fighting them awhile can ah? I so long tarak post, now got one joke.. sapot la. Comment sikit.

  2. celaka! use other ppl names to create trouble hah! fuck the idiot!

  3. fark them kaw kaw...

    if they from east malaysia i help u fark them...

    Dear all rojaks readers and supporters from whole world,

    if found those hamkahlink happen to be in ur town,go fark them kaw kaw ya...muahaha...

  4. Anonymous7:30 pm

    haha!! computer idiots....they from where??

  5. Anonymous8:33 pm

    Go get them, Wingz..

    MIMOS Berhad
    Technology Park Malaysia
    57000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
    Tel: 603 8996 5000
    Fax: 603 8996 4658
    Email: info@mimos.my

    General Enquiries
    Email: info@mimos.my

  6. Dickheads...just ignore them. If they don't like, then don't come and achi acho! Wingz, you can post whatever you like, you don't owe them anything.

  7. Ammah!!!! Lei duck jor.....got trolls somemore.

  8. Fast fast send to Mimos 'cos they are looking for kambing korban to hang. Tell Jeff Ooi also. Impersonating another person online is a big crime wor. Now Mimos want to show Malaysia that there is no such thing as being anon online because we are accountable for everything we write mah. Somemore the sohai never even change his IP. Oh ya, dumb people dunno how to do it hor? Have mercy on them.

  9. Wuching : ya la now only he wanna use IP spoofer and think he can get away lol sohai mia anak!!!

    ahnel : msia memang got lotsa sick bastard who are born with genetic defects one la lol

    mengzz : they not only computer idiot .. they everything also idiot!!!

    amelia : tenkiu for the infos

    KW : yala these sohai got no money to go out so stay at home use the internet paid by their parents and do havoc lar lol!!!

    5xmom : got troll considered duck jor one har ? that troll now turned yellow ledi ... the lastest spam IT changed IT's name to Jeff Ooily wor kakakaka how lame just like IT fader!

  10. Anonymous10:03 pm

    eeeh. these kids no life one.

  11. chesse! no wander my mia email got so alotsa spams
    these ppl no lancau la SOOOoooo sked wan!
    better change my setting again

  12. Anonymous11:12 pm

    poor little pisang....so many ppl nick dun wan use...use 9 yurs.kakaka...kasihan...

    wingz...i like yur 'gan tor yan sei,ng kin nei sei'.hahahahhaa...this kinda super idiotic let them alive.cos almost pupus d.kakaka.if not stupid ppl,how we can laugh at them?right mar?tiuzzzzzzzzz

  13. i support u wingz.....watever action u take against them, we all support u 9 9.....
    ur blog rulez!!!!!

  14. Hahaha...now Pisang dun dare left any comment liao. Silap silap kena frame

  15. Anonymous2:11 am

    wuah.. pisang fehmes ledi !!

  16. Aiya..u send email to mimos ar..I think nex yr aso no response frm them lo..

    My ofis jus opposite Mimos..

    Pisang, u got go buy Toto anot..So many name dun chose, jus chose ur name..Lucky la

  17. Anonymous9:16 am

    Mr Farker I told u to take it easy don let it hurts ye ego. Sure enough out there r some idiots but then u aso must listen to ye fans here mah, asking u to ignore them. So wanna lost more of yr fansi by not payimg attention to them? don forget they aso got brains lah.

    The fact tat u r compalining meant u r hurt by those idiots.

  18. these losers must be damn chicken lah... use other people's name! screw them lah!

  19. Anonymous9:42 am

    TLLMKNNCBMCH.. your marther farther nvr teach u wan ar? u dun like then u keep it in yurself, it wont harm u for not giving comment n u will hurt the ppl u'r commenting..if good only u comment..

    Wingz i chang kau u... juz tiu kau their marther farther bloody retarded farking smelly rotten chao fa hai only..

  20. Wingz very the pandai one.

    Don worry la, you got plenty fansi and frens here :)

  21. Anonymous5:14 pm

    Ban HIM
    Sign Petition Please..

  22. tiuniasing, where did this sohai all come from la? come wanna kena tiau wan ... betui betui sohai wan ... dont like what you read just leave la ... tiu


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