27 July 2006

Gardenia, Your Driver Jumped Que!

Gardenia, please spend more money on providing your driver with a *more* proper on-the-road ethics ok? Obviously What you doing now isnt enuff.

You see that farker driving the Gardenia van anot? I been queing up
for the last 10 minits and this farker wanna cut in just lidat!

He dun give a dam to other motorist either! He just crash his way
in and we gotta make way because we are not driving a lorry!!!

I caught him jumping Queue Red Handed! I dint bothered to take down his number plate because its not my intention to get him into trouble ....

I just wanna let all KL drivers to be aware of the fact that every Ahbeng, Ahlians and Harry also got phonecam nowadays and someone will be there to take your pics when you screwed up!
Plektis proper on-the-road ethics, drive courteously.



  1. oneononone

    Gardenia....so good you can eat it on it's own....

    Gardenia...lu jialat lu kena kutuk by Rojakssss

  2. hahaha..caught red handed. gardenia sure call u and give many free breads just to take down this post. now that's a good thing having phone camera around.

  3. they all big loli lidat one...they think their behicle big then then can simply cut cue...
    if ganina saw tis i think he wil sponsor u bread whole year... :)

  4. Incidentally, yesterday evening also I took picture. Car parking on Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman waiting for their boss / tai tai / mistress to do shopping at the kedai-kedai kain. Causing massive jam. I'm gonna blog on this sooner or later.

  5. Our country ranked as 3rd most rude country liao... so drivers also the same lor... Jump Q is one of it... I really beh tahan with the noisy exhaust la... simply horn la... high beem u la... double parking la... very da tiu-nia-seng!

  6. Anonymous11:33 am

    Sooner or later someone from the car next to you will send a picture you kena caught red handed using phonecam to take picture while driving. Wuahaha... :p

    Btw, I hate queue cutter also. I got one fren who likes to cut queue when driving, I asked him why always do so. He answered "because he is rushing.". Niaseng, as if others are not rushing! knn!

  7. Jump Q lidat sudah silap leh...
    If wanna jump Q, first u havta put double signal to indicate ur in some kind of emergency. After u cut in, raise ur hand as an indication of saying tankiu.

    Lidat wont kena screw/curse/taken pix n publish somewhere on the net.


  8. Oi! Driving with one hand on the steering wheel and the other on the camera phone taking pictures is not being safety conscious also.
    You too ought to be screwed!

  9. Anonymous9:10 pm

    eh eh eh..wingz...that road for U-turn right?erm...if im not mistaken....i used to drive from cheras to mid valley using tat road!hahaha....got GIANTS near there right?

  10. 5xmom : i where got kutuk garninia lerrrr ... i kutuk that driver mia ethics oni mahh

    pisang : agreeD!!!

    mirror : free breads? u wait long long lerr

    ahnel : Malaysia mia lorry driver 90% is lidat one la .... sigh

    pablopabla : I think we must start posting pics of this kinda drivers everyday ... maybe we can sell them to the trehpik polis and get some kinda rewards huh? or prolly a share of the duit saman lol!

    kenny ng : yea.. we are living among hooligans, lets do something about it!

    bryan : I am waiting in Q ler, my car is not in motions when i took the pic, anden there is no laws that says u cant take pic while u r driving wat? :P

    sotongking : mahkai so easy meh? put double signal and raise hand can ledi ar? then if everyone also put double signal n raise hand who is gonna Q up sommo?

    cocka : soliler my car is not in motion when i took the pics so you are dead wrong as always! wuahahaha!!

    frycrab : wuah lidat also u can recognise ka? terror wor!!!

  11. Ya ya! We should have a photo collection of traffic offenders and sell them to police. If they don want to buy, we sell to newpapers. Sometimes fed up betul with inconsiderate drivers.

  12. You see,if everyone do the same thing at the same time,eventually they'll end up in the Q too. U need to do something different to put urself in front of the Q

  13. Anonymous1:46 pm

    and we call it the infamous connaught highway u-turn, where tons of cars often jump queue

    cheras rocks!


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