3 July 2006

Rojaks Alert! - Notebook Thieves Geng at Large!

I bet lotsa people are using notebook nowadays bcoz its very affordable now and it also offer alotsa mobility.

Not only we use it for our work but we would also store lots n lotsa personal infos into our notebook computer. I myself have a lotsa sensitive and confidential information stored in my notebook computer and if i lost this thing here I really do not know what kinda damages i would be suffering.

Sadly there is a trend in KL now and these groups of thieves is targetting notebook computers. Now you guys know why I m lugging my notebook comouter to wherever i go huh?

And there is this video showing how easy it is to steal your notebook computers by creating a diversion and take your attention away for a few minutes.

Just look at how that farkers pretend to promote something to the clerk to create diversion while the other farker stole the notebook computer. What a bunch of garbage!

so, if you are store lotsa important stuffs into your notebook like me, then hold on to your notebook, dont be lazy! bring them with u like your own balls/boobs! .... better to let those farkers have it! KNN!

Anoder community message from your frendly neighbour The ROjaks DAily!

Source of Story : Howsy Taikor


  1. not only in KL lor... PG also has this trend... the thiefs will even mark the victims and follow them... sigh!

  2. aiya, tot i could be the first. Man, the way they stole it was so easy, like ONE TWO THREE...! Klang here always hv robbery. My frens got chased, stopped, and they ran again to save their assess!

  3. if this farker caught by me... the 1st thing i do is break that faker arm then chop that farker leg....

  4. Pisang! I'll pin the bastard down while you chop him.

  5. LOL, like that I must tie the laptop to me with a chain. Cannot risk my tammy nyp-alike videos stolen.

  6. Anonymous3:48 pm

    Personal laptop keep at home. Office wan lost liao nevermind. Boss can buy new one.

  7. i used to lock my notebook with a kensington cable lock even when it's on the desk. cannot take chances. notebooks ada kaki to jalan one ;)

  8. Anonymous4:28 pm

    hmm.. like that must keep a lookout for cheap laptop for sale liao.

  9. dont left it in cars also as you will lost ur laptop and ur window...

    those thief once caught must break their hand...

  10. 1st watch, din see anything..Then slowly see only know that fella at the back selamba walk and take.

  11. pisang: arm and leg not enough...the kkc oso must chop off!!!

  12. alone in ofis n don't lock door. summore strangers into ofis. kena goreng sotong liao lah

  13. Anonymous7:22 pm

    what has become of this country?

  14. these fella is trying to sell something to you/ Try block your view with their items.

    my office kena before 3 years ago, but that time, they only steal handphone. No notebook in office mah.

    3 months later another gang try to be funny again, then our in-house bouncer do their job.

    next time everything must chain to our body.

  15. 5xmom & lmf,
    better don't put the chain, in case they use parang to chop the chain, then you'll get hurt

  16. Anonymous10:14 pm

    Mahai..these type of farkers all hopeless. If kena caught sure kena wack kaw kaw from "pisang" that time hor dun cry for Am Ma..Ah Pa..

    Pundek chuni wokehhh.!!


  17. Anonymous11:58 pm

    sigh..money not safe in bank,gals not safe at street...now laptop also lidat?

  18. goddess : times are bad ler ... ppl are willing to do anything just to put food on the table *sigh*

    mike : thats scary man!

    pisang : wuah mcb u lagi violent!

    cocka : pin down? kakaka diu u thot play rugby meh

    5xmom : yala! makai .. if your pr0no leaked out to the internet .... lotsa man gonna bcome impotent sial! kakaka *runs*

    hijackqueen : wuah u r such a dedicated employee ler!

    buaya69: brader how u been man? yea must buy that otebook lock liow!

    ahpek : wuah mcb ... bad example leh lidat! ... eh if got extra stock tell me ok?

    ah nel : yea ... i heard those farkers got spesel device to detect notebook in your car one also

    youngbrat : hahaha mch if that is u in the opis ... all your opis's notebooks sure gone one la!

    simmie : wuah u lagi violent! lucky that nite i no sit near near u lol!

    nyonya : ya la how can u let 3 farking strangers come into opis while there is noone around hor?

    rugthur: yea ... tell me bout it

    lmf : your opis got cctv one anot?

    ace : if caught torture kaw kaw then only call polis to take over lol

    belle: thats the sign of times are bad lor ... ini naik itu naik ... crime pun naik la! there is a theory to this ... i think lol!

  19. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  20. Wingz - Why impotent? 'Cos they wank too much? *pretend to look blur*

    Wei, come see my blog got bull's penis, ok? Cure for impotence. Good for you, jek.

  21. last time handphone, now laptop ... you know what? soon, these guys will want to steal your kidney or lungs ...

  22. So easy. I oso dunwan work liao la. Bcome full time Laptop stealer,lagi bagus. Anyone wanna pre-order from me?

  23. Anonymous6:09 pm

    Don't stupid to break their arm..there more powerful enough to break yours..I work as a standby breakdown team in one of telco line. I manage to captuer 1 thieft enter the cabin & 2 of us close the door but he able to kick & run away..that's means he alraedy injected something b4..danger..danger..


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