4 July 2006

Rojaks Latest Invention - The Rojaks Super Briefcase!

I blogged about Rojaks Alert! - Notebook Thieves Geng at Large! yesterday and lotsa peeple expressed their concerned for the safety of their belongings.

These days nothing seems to be safe anymore, we got lotsa snatch thieves, robberies, kidnappings, bullying etc. happening right before our eyes on a daily basis.

So what can we do to ensure we gotta keep what is rightfully ours and nobody gonna run away with our properties.

Thank god for Rojaks Daily now you dont hafta worry anymore! We at Rojaks Daily invested heavily into Research and Developement and our objective is simple, we wanna come out with a storage device that would help you keep what is rightfully yours and not let others grab it from you.

It started out as a simple idea only, we would like to combine the lethal power of a stun gun and the agility of a briefcase, like this :

300k Volt Stun Gun


Then, we throw in a remote control device so that we can trigger/activates the stungun from within the briefcase.
These are the Features of our China Made theft Proof Briefcase :

This is a super secure suitcase with various functions, such as special anti-theft & SOT-9-SEi-LEi™ anti-robbery features. High voltage shock can be emitted thru-out the surface of this super briefcase to disable any farkers trying to run away with it.

Loss-proof features:
Loss proof is a unique special function of this super briefcase. The suitcase can actually detects how far you are from your suitcase, Once the distance between you and the suitcase exceed 3-15m, alarm will activates automatically to alert you of your "walking briefcase" or maybe you are just too stupid to remember where you place your briefcase. Kinda like the alarm to your car also la.

Anti Robbery
SOT-9-SEi-LEi features :
When activated via the Remote control both alarm and high voltage stun will activates simultanouesly the surface of the briefcase will now emits high-voltage pulse electric shock that will SOT-9-SEi
-LEi the farker whois stealing your briefcase. The alarm sound level exceeds 85db and electric shock voltage exceeds 30 kV.

If you are threatened by the robbers, for your safety pulez pretend to give up your super briefcase and let the farkers run away with it, once the farker start running you shall start looking for that remote control, the remote control effective range is more than 50m. So when you are sure the farker is too far to harm you (but not further than 50m) la then u activates your Anti Robbery feature and SOT-9-SEi-LEi that farker la! ....

We at Rojaks Daily belif, with this briefcase nobody can rob 9 you of your stuffs anymore or they will ended up looking like this!

Fengshui master bruff you 8yrs-10yrs, Wingz no bruff you wan! Below is a demo video of one of our prototype Super SOT-9-SEi-LEi briefcase in action showing how electricity is being emitted from the surfaces of the briefcase to a grounded metal rod.

(The video is abit sucky tho ... so u kena watch carefully to see the sparks flying from the surface of the briefcase to the grounded metal rod.)

  • Got see anot??!!!
  • Shiok anot???!!!
  • Wanna SOT-9-SEi-LEi those farkers who loves to rob and steals from you anot?
  • You wanna see how those farkers fry anot?
If your answer is YES to all the questions above then it is time for your to get your own Rojaks Super SOT-9-SEi-LEi Briefcase!

Call the number on your screen now and we will throw in an extra heavy duty battery that will last for 365 days on a single charge absolutely FREE!!

What you waiting for? CALL US NOW!

Our Motto :
With Super briefcase from Rojaks Daily
You can tell those farkers "Mana mau lari?"
ONLY RM1,699.00!!! While stock last! Terms and conditions applies.

This is anoder community message brought to you by Rojaks Daily, Mahcibet! Ooii! Mana Lu Mau Lari??!!!



  1. Sot Sei Lei? LMAO!!! Love it! Nice blog, by the way

  2. Aiks..Realy got remote control ge wo.. But dangerous abit lo..Let say 1 day Lil Devil activate the Sot 9 Sei Lei, then u r mampus ard with 50kV.

    So rmbr to all buyers, if u buy ard, make sure remote control stick to your body.

    Bos, Order 1

  3. Anonymous8:55 am

    you really 'sot sot dei'
    how may times you kena sot to cum up with an idea like this?

  4. aiyoooo so expensive

    how to buyyyyyyy

  5. I want a custom-built version.
    That the briefcase will explode at kkc & balls height when triggered remotely.

  6. sot oni ma?....
    if i , i will put built in fingerprint detector and i put 1 pound of C4...
    so when those farker theft open it.... ha ha ha.......

  7. Anonymous12:27 pm

    I want a custom made also. To blown 9
    that farkers who steal my briefcase.
    China made or Taiwan made oso nebermine.

  8. James Bond, Charlie's Angels, Mission Impossible, CSI hampalang asked me to order for them. What is the minimum quantity? Berapa in USD hor?

  9. Wei,isit water-proft ar? U know la, Malaysia always raining, i dun wanna "Sot Sei Lei" myself.

  10. Anonymous1:31 pm

    Video takda jalan lah.

  11. What if the robber copy your remote frequency? Then will SOT-9 you instead! >_<

  12. Wingz, tak boleh cari makan lah... ah pek say rightly: sot sot dei!!!

  13. if rain then cant used that bag to cover head liaw later sot si ki ar...

    put antrax in ur bag lar... :P

  14. dawn : tenkiu! nice body btw!

    young : 1 only meh enuff boh???

    ahpek : this idea came to me while i shitting one

    frostier : i m sotsot dei all da while one wat?

    stewie : u bawak bmw wan where got expensive?!!

    cocka : mch ... we dun harm balls wan!

    pisang : mch we not terrorist! no bomb!

    aceone : makai u want bomb type u kena order from iraq liow

    5xmom : wuah u order so many bijiks i kasi lu discount!

    sotong : water proof, kencing proof suma proof!

    bryan : ade jalan lar lu tengok betui betui

    ionstorm : we use buluTooT technology ... knot duplicate one!

    maverick : why knot cari makan lerrrr u dunwan buy meh?

    ah nel : put anthrax dat one kena order sama iraq also lol

  15. RM1,699???? Niamah, isn't that also robbery???

  16. Wah, I like it leh! Bring into a packed-up LRT sure sot everyone in the train! WAHAHAHAHAHAAA!!

    Will it sot the owner too?

  17. Anonymous11:36 pm

    hebhartnyer!!! ORDER satu bos!!
    sot wingz = grilled wingz kkc

  18. helen : the different is ... ppl buy from me willingly and somo they can protect those stuffs value far exceeded this super briefcase by itself mah.... u say cheap anot??!!!

    Diane : u so lenglui u no nid this briefcase also can sot ppl in lrt one ler *wink wink*

    bellevella : grilled kkc??? omfg ... what movie have you been watching huh?

  19. Oh nice velir nice! Is the video for real or just edited? I can't see properly... In fact, whoever farker piss me off, I can just throw him the suitcase and trigger the button!

  20. wuuui that guy look like me le.. u sure that not me ah? hahahhaha jk la

  21. Fuwah, brader, apasal? bisnes tarak baik kah? Dis wan old post liao, somemore ping PPS? LOL Or is it a new trend? One post ping three times for three days. If new trend, kasi gua tau wor. I oso got 1400 posts to ping. LOL.


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