13 December 2010

Zero To Hundred Time to Attack 2010 Finale

Attended the Finale of ZTH Time to Attack at serdang last sunday, it was such a effing hot day, which is actually good news and bad news. Good news is there is plenty of sunlight and the bad news is I m getting roasted alive under the sun!

The Time To Attack 2010 Series New record is now at 2:19!

Enuff craps! I’ll let the photos do the talking!  (click on the photo to enlarge)


Its always easier (ALOT easier to pan in 2D i.e. – the side of the car) because you wont face so much of DOF (depth of field) issue when your image is flat and the distance of the moving object (in this case its a track car) is the same from headlight to the rear.

But when the car is in its perspective view (like most photos below) thats when you will face issue with your DOF, because certain part of the car is now nearer to your camera and certain part is actually further. The camera cannot focus ar different point at the same time. This is call Perspective Panning

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