25 November 2010

Everyone Connects 1st Birthday Party!!

TM throw a party at the Curve last sunday to commemorates the 1st anniversary of the EC campaign, if you derno ... EC stands for Everyone Connects. The campaign is based on 3 principles ... which is Connect, Communicate and Collaborate.

For those who missed out of the fun, here is what you have been missing!

Still remember the paper cut guy n girl who fall in love in the EC MV one year ago? well they used to be in black n white last year but this year they got more colors! lol!

They even have games for everyone who attended the party at the curve.

The crowds going crazy over the thousands of balloons EC released onto them

Wacky Host keeping everybody entertained throughout the party

Just look at the crowds!!!

Watch this video of wat EC been up to within the year

Also you should really goto the new EC website at http://www.everyoneconnects.net/twec/Intro.aspx and experience it yourself! Macam macam ade you! I met a new frend in there also! shes a ger! *wink wink*

TM EC is best!!

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