30 November 2010

What does Cars and Women have in common?

We knew why men like cars ledi .. there is no doubt bout it ... now why do we like women also? What does cars n women have in common?

I tink hor .. this question itself is as old as the first car ever created in 1885 by a german basket (thanks to him we gotta live with global warming huh?) anyway ... back to the ori question on what does cars and women have in common?

Well, this is prolly why :

Women are the best vehicles in the world because:
  • 2 beautiful headlights in front (they came in different size also!)
  • 2 great bumpers at the back (2! not only 1! our car oni got 1 rear bumper!)
  • Self-lubricating when hot (wont burn a gasket! LOL!)
  • Finger touch ignition, (keyless entry!)
  • Automatic engine oil change every month (erm ... tis one need to expren meh?)
  • Any type of pistons fit (if u derno tis one then u dun die also no use!)
  • Multiple seating styles & adjustments (karma sutra rings a bell?)
  • Great accessories (erm tis one really depends on age of the women tho lol)
  • Highest mileage: 9 months with just 5 ml refill (tis is not applicable to everyone ok?! some mileage very bad one! pour 1 liter also nothing happen!!! LMAO!!)
And GENITALmen .... that's why we MEN are dying to get a ride!!! LMAO!

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