6 March 2011

Home Made Char Siu Recipe

A bunch of us close fwens/bloggers recently form an official club called the #tkssgang TKSS here stands for Tok kok Sing Song. Needless to say ayam the expert who came out with that name one la! Ofcoz this is one very exclusive gang where membership is very hard to get one. So far none new members been accepted into the gang since its formation ... few tried n perished lol!

The objective of this gang is very simple acherly ... once a month we will gather and do wat we do best. We tok kok n sing song and make sure everyone go home with a painful stomach and jaws.

So, yesday was the potluck session in one of our VIP member (dale) house, and since he just moved in not long ago ... our gang decided to give him a house warming gift. An Oven!

Then someone said must officiated the opening of this oven with pork lard if not ...NOT ONG one! So, the holy task is passed on to me (coz i dem keng L33T in cooking ma!)

Also this post is a spesel dedication to my facebook fwen (Su Kim) who is an aunty residing in Melbourne. She begged me long long to teach her how to make this very traditional home made char siu ledi lol! *waves to Su Kim*

this is the msg from sukim hehe

Ok enuff craps! Lets begin!

1. u need pork! I mean Pork belly strips! 3 layers one ... makes sure the meat and the fats are of equal percentage or else it wont turn out nice one.

2. You need to clean the pork and de-skin it. If you dont want the trouble, simply ask the butcher to do it for you. I did it to show off my sharp knife n to show off my knife skill oni! LOL!

3. get a bowl, put the skinned 3 layered pork in there, the first ingredient to add is sugar. No need measurement. the more the merrier. but tat also depends on how much pork u gonna make also la. In short there wont be any measurement here (heck i also dint measure all the stuffs i put in also ... so i will use the term "to taste" to illustrate my point lol)

4. Vinegar! bet you dunno Char siu got vinegar one rite? Yes it does! the vinegar is the substance tat makes the melts/caramelized sugar sticks on to the meat. without vinegar the sugar wont stick and your outside of the char siu wont be crispy. But for vinegar u gotta be careful .. you dont wanna ended up with sour char siu rite? furthermore its just to make the sugar sticks on tot he meat only. So here is wat you do with vinegar, use 1 "chinese soup spoon" of vinegar to every pork strip u have, 1 pork strip is about 500-600 grams. Understand ar?

5. Black thick soya sauce. (hak yau) this is only to add color to your finish product and make it stickier for the sugar to stick on to the pork in the beginning.

6. Light Soya sos, the salty one! again this is to taste. the more you put the tastier it will become. but if you overdo it ... your charsiu will taste like bacons ledi lol

This is how the whole thing would look like when you are done putting sugar, black soya sos, vinegar and light soya sos innit.

7. then you mix them all up in the bowl, cover it up and put it in the fridge overnite. The longer you marinate the pork the tastier it will become.

8. Take the marinated char siu outta fridge 2-3 hours before putting it into the oven this is so it can go back to the room temperature and its easier to bake/roast

9. Preheat your oven to 250C for 10 minutes before putting in the pork. Bake for about ... 1 hour at 200C (actually depends on how many strips of pork you put into the oven also ... so this might vary as well ... u sit there n look after the charsiu to be safe lol!) Make sure you rest the char siu on a wire mesh and not put them in a baking tray. If you put them in the tray, they will :
  1. stick to the tray and burnt
  2. the surface will not be crispy bcoz it is soaked all the time in the sauce/gravy/lard
So use a wire mesh, rest the pork on the wire mesh and place a tray at the bottom to collect all the "sauce" this can be use as gravy for rice later. Dem tasty one!

And this is the bake/raosted/bbq OMFGBBQ OHSEM GUDNESSGRACIOUS CHAR SIU!!!!

Testimonial from #TKSSGang members

Happy trying!!! if derno den u go facebook find me la! When u add me pls use secret code : wingz is hansem! if not i wont apoof u wan ah! LMAO!

Quote of the day : u dont need expensive/sophisticated ingredients to create great tasty food. most of the time it only requires passions :P


  1. Tried the recipe when Su posted it in her FB!! Truly is best char siu recipe!! Thanks for sharing


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