2 March 2011

World war 2 bomb found at new low cost terminal KLIA

I m not sure how true is this news but I have certain degree of confident that its true, thats why i m sharing it here.

This is why :

1. Tony Fernandes tweeted about the bomb threat in his twitter account.

2. facebook fwens also been frantically tweeting about this bomb discovery in KLIA new low cost terminal.

3. KLIA runways are closed and this is the given reason at their website

"Due to operational safety reasons, the KLIA runways will be closed to all flight operations from 3.00 pm to 4.00 pm today. Kindly note and contact the airlines for the revised departure or arrival schedules. We regret any inconvenience caused. Thank you."

Scary to learn that there are a bomb nearby all the while and no one know about it. How does airport security works again?

The ultimate question would be ... is there more bomb tat are not discovered yet?

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  1. New LCCT, that mean still under construction la that area, earthwork still on going, maybe the contractor digged the bomb, Not someone brought in the bomb.


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