10 March 2011

Canon Pixma MX318 - the Correct Way to Reset Ink Counter

I got a Canon MX318 all in one fax, printer, copier and scanner which I bought about 9 months ago.

Because of economic reason, we stopped using the "original ink cartridges" after the one that comes with the printer ran out. Its also for enviromental reason also.

Less cartidges thrown = less waste = better for mother earth! :)

Then something happened this morning, the Pixma MX318 refused to print our faxes, instead all the faxes we directed to the built in memory.

A simple check reveals that there were some kinda error displayed on the LCD screen.

it says "recommend New B-CRT" (black cartridge) and "recommend New C-CRT" (Color Cartridge)

But this is the thing, i m using CISS (continuous Ink supply System) and i checked my ink level .. they are still kinda full.

Then i realised this is due to the fact that Canon preprogrammed their printer to act like this after certain page counts! This is to force you to buy new ink cartridges from them or else you will not be able to print or use your printer anymore.

I am wondering, when we purchase the printer .. do we actually own it ... or the ownership still belongs to canon? why do they still controlling our printer and forcing us to do things their way even after we bought the printer? Something to ponder upon.

Anyway I start googling the term "Canon MX318 cartridge reset" and lemme tell you this. None of the existing "TIPS" available on the net is useful! They all looked like they were copied and paste from a single source and it dont bloody work! Waste more than an hour trying to do as told by those stupid websites.

I m gonna show you the correct way to go thru this "obstacle" set by Canon to make our life difficult. this is what you have to do :

Press MENU button until FAX SETTING menu shows
Select RX SETTING, press ok.
Auto Print RX : ON, press ok
Print When No Ink: ON, press Ok

The steps abive is to tell your PIXMA MX318 to bypass the rule and keep printing even tho it suspect the ink cartridge is empty. That actually solved the problem!

So there you go! As simple as that!

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  1. Anonymous4:07 pm

    Thank you for being simple. You made Malaysian proud.


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