21 January 2007

Bride Carrying Marathon in China

There is this weird marathon in Hainan province celebrating the coming of new year, Its the Bride Carrying Marathon where the groom will carry the bride and run some distance while carrying the bride.

A very Interesting race indeed!

Here are some photos

Aww ... so Hang Fook innit?

Come we run together-gether with our wife behind our back.

Grooms carrying their brides run during a mini marathon celebrating the New Year in Sanya, south China's Hainan province

Very heart warming photographs innit? Anyone wanna do it here?

I reckon this would be a good exercise and also its to let the groom feel how it is to be married also ... because in real marriage the guy would hafta carry the bride on his "shoulder" for a very long and UNforeseeable time!!! lol!!

: If after looking at the photos above you starting to get dellusional or beginning to have some funny ideas about marriages or your suddenly have this urge wanna get married .... please seek professional advice ok?



  1. Anonymous7:43 pm

    me 1stttt

    eh the last fella, this postion ar, wih the lady in front ... looks familiar in some porns ... not sure which one edy ...

  2. Anonymous9:33 pm

    69 la tiuz....jap porn got alot

  3. Anonymous9:40 pm

    wah so shy leh if ppl take pic of the bride's bum hanging in the air!!

  4. Anonymous11:04 pm

    luckily got wear jeans lol... if not, other people see the behind first, before the groom does... XD

  5. Anonymous11:37 pm

    Suddenly have the urge wanna get married tim! Haha...

  6. Anonymous11:41 pm

    wow wingz..u wana try anot la like this.. fun ma...

  7. Anonymous12:46 am

    What if the bride is fat?
    Then I guess you guys dont have the urge to get marry ealready.. haha..

  8. Anonymous1:35 pm

    fat no sin!!!
    i gpar don like ppl say FAT!
    anyway wingz come carry me mau? wahahahahahahaha

  9. Anonymous4:38 pm

    there's an annual event in finland ...wife carrying worl championship...and other whacky ones like...handphone tossing worl championship and mosquito swatting worl championship


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