5 January 2007

Dentist, I Fear you!!!

I havent exactly been having good night sleep for the last few weeks and its all due to my toothache.

I figured i must have around 10 teeth that require imediate attention and I suprised myself with the fact that I am able to withstand the pain caused by the bad teeth this couple of weeks. But lately the pain in getting unbearable alredi ... then yesterday night I cant take it no more! Early in the morning i went to the dentist to make an appointment on Friday!

Today is Friday .... and I am thinking to FFK the dentist and bail out!! I know I m a farking coward ... I derno why i am dem terrified of Dentist one! My guess is, I might hafta go back for 3-4 visits before all my tooth related problem are cured! There might even be a few surgeries to remove those blardee wisdom tooth too!!!

I figured by the time its over, I would be both physically and financially injured!! anyone care to donate to the Poor Amatuer Comedian Dental Fund?

If you wanna know, Listerine (the yellow one is more powerful) helps to reduce toothache. It kinda numb your gums and buy you some time till the aching is back then u gotta soak your bad tooth with listerine again but i derno whether you would get cancer from that anot ok?! So check with your dentist first before doing anything lidat and dont hold me responsible if anything goes wrong!

Wish me luck wei and pray the Dentist dont kill me!!!!


  1. small matter lar sifu...sooner i wana visit dentist oso as my teeth so mani lobang...

  2. Anonymous10:12 am

    You'll be fine ler...don't worry so much :p

  3. Anonymous10:24 am

    if u read the small book by Consumer Association of Penang(CAP)..it's said that Listerine do contains cancer agent....so please dun used it unless u really need it...and bradder, dun worry bout the dentist...u ide, he/she die too..haha..wishing ur tooth get well soon

  4. Anonymous10:36 am

    i no need liao. All gigi palsu!!

  5. Anonymous11:04 am

    Don't worry taikor... U'll be fine. Use more Listerine lor... it's good.

  6. Anonymous11:13 am

    Only strong mouth wash like listerine works to reduce dental plaque. Cheap thing like Plux is waste of money.

    thiamhin : Only if you drink listerine ;) Anyway, it is not recommended for children. For young children, salt water is better mouth wash. .

  7. Anonymous2:12 pm

    You and Count Dracula afraid of the same thing ah!! tooth decay!! haha.

    Hey! get rid of all your teeth, dentures look good on you leh, plus no more tooth ache!!

  8. Anonymous3:24 pm

    woah how is your teeth now?

    got solution for u not to fear the dentist...ask them to put a leng lui nurse beside you..then u will numb edi

  9. Anonymous3:32 pm

    We are in the same boat Mr.Rojak...I feel the same pain as you...I salute you for being able to stand 10x more pain then me...My tooth is killing me...Already went to the dentist... Still hurting like hell now...wish you well...

  10. Anonymous3:45 pm

    me 2X5 like you Mr.Rojak...my toothache is killing me also...what a bad way to start the New Year...everything naik...even our tooth have to cabut naik...

  11. Anonymous5:16 pm

    You've got the same dilemma like me - I just gone to the dentist last Friday to patch-up a huge hole. Blogged about it too. Now everything is settled with , I can breathe better liao. LOL

  12. Anonymous8:08 pm

    Come I pull for you. No charge!

  13. Pluck papaya you not sked now doctor pluck your tooth you damn sked wan! hee.hee..hee.

  14. Anonymous3:21 pm

    If the dentist happens to be male, then may I suggest that before he starts work, you put your hand around his balls and gently squeeze it a little, not too hard, while at the same time look him straight in the eyes and say to him "We are not going to hurt each other, are we?"


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