3 January 2007

Speech Introduction

2007 dint really start with good stuffs .... first there is this new toll rates that i gotta bear on my way to work ... then my Lil Devil is starting kindy also .... I m now so much poorer than 2006!

One day 3 flers (Ahbeng, Ahock and Ahkau) were invited to give speech at the annual gathering of the deaf society. As 3 of them also never learn any sign language before so each of them trying to come out with their own kinda sign language that the audiences will understand.

First it was Ahock's turn, he go up the stage and begin his speech by rubbing his chest and then grabbing his kkc and then he continues with his speech. When he finally finished his speech and walks back to the backstage Ahbeng and Ahkau asked him what does he meant by rubbing his chest and grabbing his kkc, which he explains :

Ahbeng & Ahkau : Eh ... what u trying to say when you rub your chest n grab your kkc ar?
Ahock : Well rubbing my chest means ladies, grabbing my kkc means gentlemen so what i was trying to say was "ladies and gentlemen" la.
Ahbeng & Ahkau : OH!! lidat one har?

Then it was Ahkau's turn to go on the stage, trying to outsmart both Ahock and Ahbeng he derived a plan to give a better opening speech.

Ahkau walks up the stage and started his speech by making a horn sign with his hands then proceed to rub his chest and grab his balls before going onto his speech. When Ahkau is done he walks to the backstage only to be questioned by Ahbeng :

Ahbeng : oi Ahkau ... that funny sign u make on your head means what ar ?
Ahkau : oh .. that one is the sign of a deer mah so by making that horn and rub my chest followed by grabbing my balls i meant "Dear Ladies and gentlemen" la!
Ahbeng : WUAH! u lagi smart than Ahock wor!
Ahkau : hehe smart lehh!!!

Then it was Ahbeng's turn to go up to the stage to give speech, Ahbeng thought to himself "I kenot lose to those 2 fler wan! I must do something to make my opening speech better than those 2 flers!" After a while Ahbeng finally got a brilliant idea!

He walks up to the stage, do the Horns sign on his head with his fingers proceed by rubbing his chest and grabbing his balls and finally he drop his pants and begin to TFK in front of everyone ... after about 60 seconds or so he begin his speech.

When hes done with his speech he was approached by Ahkau and Ahock, they asked him :

Ahock : WTF are you doing up there on the stage man?!!
Ahkau : Yala! What were you thinking??!! Siao har lu TFK in front of all those people?!!
Ahbeng : Relax laaa ... they all understand what I am trying to say wan! thats why they all no complain also wat?
Ahkau : What were you trying to say?
Ahbeng : hehehe ... you see hor .. making horns means deer lor! Ahkau teach me wan mah! then rub chest and grab balls means ladies and gentlemen correct anot?
Ahock : yar both also correct but why were you masturbating?
Ahbeng : OH! that one har? that one i add myself wan ... when i add TFK to my opening speech it means "it gives me great pleasure ...."

*Notes : TFK - Masturbation la


  1. Niasing! I laughed till drop.WUAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!

  2. im sure the women there have their pleasure watching as well

  3. Anonymous2:06 pm

    aiya.... this is so good.... wahahaha....

  4. Anonymous3:29 pm

    si lang siao kia!
    wishes for 2007!
    make more money
    tonnes of family trip
    win a lottery ( even me needs tht )
    best of luck and wish everything goes smoothly like the dunno wat comdom!!!
    happy anot?

  5. Anonymous12:46 am

    Wahahahah! Good one!! xD


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