18 January 2007

Breakfast at OldTown White Coffee Sungai Long Kajang

There is this newly opened OldTown White Coffee tiam in the new township located in Sg. Long and this morning i decided to drop in after i made my despatch trip to EON bank.

This Kopitiam Is still rather new and they are definitely understaffs too! Service is slow and they dont even notice i walked in as nobody gimme any menu till i asked for it.

The shopfront of OldTown White Coffee

Noticed how the photos are not aligned properly?

I like the typical Old skool type of stools and marble top table they are using, it kinda reminded me of the time i ride on the back of my grandpa's oldcow bicycle and goto the kopitiam with him.

Nice comfy and relaxing interior, nothing too complicated.

Err ... what are they saying anyway?

Order Form closeup

OldTown White Coffee in typical old skool kopi cup

If you are one of the local kofi sapoters, you will like their kopi wan! ... very aromatic and nice kopi character with bitter-ish end note!

OldTown Signature Toast - Nothing so "signature" bout this toast.

Fire-Ice Polo Bun

Ima great fan of Polo Bun, I know what kinda criteria a good polo bun should have and trust me .... I have taste better Polo bun than this one found in OldTown kopitiam!

I thot i tried their polobun before ... maybe i got mised up or izzit different branch got diff method of making polobun wan?

Anyway, its a relaxing place to be (for now) having breakfast in, for Sg. Long folks like us ... we just got ourself another place to lepak in!

Tomlo will be breakfast in Secret Recipe opposite this OldTown kopitiam! Anyone wanna join me there?

Secret Recipe, Sungai Long


  1. wah...u take so many nice pics. Big big camera u bring kah?

  2. Anonymous2:45 pm

    hey, i agree with u totally...
    am i resident in sg long, n i personally think that this branch is fairly poor compared to their other branches..

  3. Anonymous4:15 pm

    Wuah..early early kena kopi ledi ar? Mahai I worked until spender wet ledi oso nochet kena kopi!!!

  4. wah that is expensive coffeeee!!!

  5. Anonymous5:28 pm

    not a coffee lover uek uek
    but the cun looks yummy~
    i prefer..secret recipe!

  6. Anonymous8:00 pm

    Opposite my house also got one lor... no need go so far lor... kekeke

  7. Anonymous8:20 pm

    looks like my kind of kopitiam

  8. Anonymous10:28 pm

    Sg long like damn ulu oni...all building new new one...

    U wan kopi o with old cup cum my huz la..charge u 50 cent oni...
    give u compliment roti bakar and telur separuh masak

  9. Anonymous12:52 am

    wtf, I just came back from OldTown at eGate, Pg like 1 hour ago.

    Here OldTown and Starbucks are just side by side, but the coffee is about 4x more expensive at Starbucks.

  10. Anonymous1:06 pm

    Err ... what are they saying anyway?

    The only original white coffee... One more cup please.

  11. Anonymous4:34 pm

    the service there is suck lah. I order fresh orange w/o ice and sugar... they came with the one with ice... then of course ask them to take out the ice then... the drinks never come till we cannot tahan and ask them to check (the drinks was left at the counter... less the ice)... and when the drinks come.... its the ready make kind of orrange juice... with sugar........(half glass) and many more malas to talk. i don't think i will go there again.. rather go further at other branch at tesco


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