21 October 2009

Something All Malaysian Car Drivers Should Know

I frend of mine got into a little accident with a motorbike this morning while fetching her kids to skol. She was at this traffic light waiting for it to turn green, and so the light turned green and she stepped on the pedal and out of no where there is this motorcycle with a whole kamoung onnit (minimum 4 person on a bike, 3 chewrens without helmets + 1 adult) jumped in front of her like he got a lisen to go first and expect cars to give way to him lidat.

Too bad there arent enough time to brake and lucky for the bike the car were oni begining to move only, thus the momentum isnt enuff to send everyone on the bike flying tot he middle of the busy road ... still enuff to trip the kapcai and everyone onnit onto the side of the road. Lucky enough no one was hurt other than a damaged paria kapcai.

the bike owner demand compensation from the lady driver and not the one who broke the law the lady driver refused to pay the bike owner and in the end both party agrees to make polis report.

Now, in your eyes ... who is victim in this scenario? who is the guilty one? I'll make this easier for you guys ... i'll give u an option and you choose the answer ok ?

a.] Bike owner la! bcoz the barger no follow law ... over load + no helmets
b.] The car owner la! for obstructing the bike owner from doing his daily stunts n make everyone missed his show.
c.] Town planner la! who ask the barger never make spesel road for overloaded law breaking motocycle?
d.] JPJ la! who ask them issue lisen to these kinda motorbike drivers? (this is not applicable if the motor owner tarak lisen ok?)
e.] All the above!
f.] none of the above!

be honest with your choice ok ... what you gonna find out later will shocked the shit outta you wan!!!

I acherly discussed this topic in my facebook (thats why its wise to "fwen" me in your facebook bcoz i do lotsa crazy stuffs there wan lol) prior to this post in my blog.

These are the responses i got ... ignore some of those incoherent one ok? Igot lotsa looney fwens in fb wan! lol

Question : Someone told me ... if u involved in an accident with a bike rider /mat rempit .... doesnt matter if its not your fault ... u will still be on the wrong side?! Anyone got experience in this? Lidis kalo still got law meh?

David V : what law? UM-law?

Michael K : u r alone, they r in a grp . . .how ?

Wingz -> Micheal : not only mat rempit ler ... i mean motobike in general ... if they fler langgar u also kira ur fault wor

Kenny Y : if mat rempit alone, then you can fight back. but if a bunch, you are DEAD WRONG!

Wingz -> kenny y : not specifically mat rempit ... i not so much bother about mat rempit also bcoz most of the either takde lisen or moto curi ....

Sasha : they say if u bang motor no matter what u wrong. dun care rempit or not.. u wrong.

Kenny N : If you involve road accident with Arabs in Meddle East, for sure you are the only person fault no matter how.

Michael K : well . . . heard if bigger vehicles is always in the wrong

Wingz -> sasha : if motor wrong also I kena saman? he no lisen also i wrong?

Wingz -> kenny n ... we toking msia lar ... u out of topik ledi ... kambek kambek

Kenny Y : yeah. but try to stay out from their way. cos they might just want your car instead.

Kenny Y : yeah i am talking about malaysia la. deng!

Wingz -> kenny y : wat toking u?

Clare : Korek korek korek korek korek! There is this knock-for-knock law in insurance that states along the line that if you are driving a car and you knock into a motorbike, even if you are not at fault, the motorbike rider can claim your insurance for bodily injury apart from his repair and make you lose your NCB!

Wingz -> clare : yalor mch lidat mana fair? pkm!!! whois the victim here? those motor luan luan drive wan .. tarak follow law then accident edi ... the car driver also suffer. WTF LEH!

Clare : Their insurance cheap cheap only. Bike also cheap cheap. That's why cincai zoom here zoom there lor.

If they knock you, you kena saman. If they suddenly spasm and swerve into the path of your car also you kena saman. I wonder who pass that fucked up law hor. #$%^!

Besides, you seldom see people driving BMW and Merc or Ferari luan luan drive wan. It's all those cheap car/motorbike driver luan luan drive wan I tell u :P

Wingz -> clare : sigh .... which idiot pass this law wan?!!! its LAW like this that created MAT REMPITS!!!

Tan : Mat Rempit = Mat Cemerlang = National Treasure = National Pillars.

Ms Ong : Yup, heard my dad say it is.

Steve Austin : Hit them... then run like hell!!!

Trius Blades : can alwiz claim self-defence

C. Goh : it is.. sad sad reality... happened to my own folks.. :S
the blardy rempit tried to escape a road block ahead by making a u-turn and it hit my folk's car.. had to compensate the blardy idiot..something which i really don't understand..

There! I told you rite? the results will be shocking one!! You get penalised even tho its not your fault! Malaysia Boleh?! ... who made this kinda rules one? this is the reason why Mat Rempit is so daring! This law directly encourages Mat Rempit activities!

What say you?


  1. Sigh... what to do, those police is god damn lazy to investigate. Only those Accident that involves fatality, then only they come and collect body only. They never put any effort on investigating why and how the accident/car crash happen. Police in Malaysia I think it is almost similar to Mexican one, Corrupted.

  2. you know what? my colleague is talking about a particular accident now involving a motorbike.

    in this country, unless you are some vvvvip, if you terlanggar a motorbike (mat rempit or whatever not), you are at fault. if that fella die... and all because he flew out of nowhere and didnt wear helmet, you will still be at fault. and chances are you will also be dead.

    as usual, dont complain lah... this country got so nice nasi lemak, char kuey teow and bak kut teh, all these things no probrem lah... right?

  3. It seems the law does protect Malaysia's Rubiish, but if they did die on the road, no law could save them

  4. Atually only if you hit one particular race, you are always wrong...no matter moto or people or chicken...they still bantai you. Their people also polis, so you think who's side they listen?

    This is not racist talk but the tooth and nothing but the tooth...dun belif..go bang one of them and see..

  5. hahahaha dint i tell u a cibai bike knock the back door of my car and went bloody? he said sorry. after a year he claim from my insurance company. if im not mistaken its 10k. SUDDENLY IT BECAME MY FAULT.

    what happened is, they drop the case later on, not enough money for court fees i think. yeap thats the stinking truth.

    this case caused me so much effing trouble to goto my insurance law firm again and again. Guys plz, avoid motorbike far far ok!! no kidding. and when i bang a benz which is totally my fault, i bayar saman rm150 only. thats all. never bang a motorbike.

  6. yaya. if u bang a motor driving a car its always ur fault. the other day, a noob rempit in sch uniform banged my car which stopped at traffic light. did not even start moving yet. and he blamed me for that. i told him my car didnt masuk yellow box. after arguing i didnt pay him.. but paid for my poor headlights and bumper. lucky he din report to polis. if not banyak pasal. wtf. and as much as u stay far far away from motors, they'll still try their best to get close to u. just 2 hours ago, a mat rempit wannabe zooooooooooooom past my car. like 5cm distance from rear mirror + 70km/h speed(exaggerated but u get the point) while everyone else r stuck in like 10km/h traffic jam.

    its better to make a polis report no matter wat.. cos u wont know whether they gonna report u to the police after doing that or not.

  7. you all are seriously naive. it is not always the car driver fault if u bang or banged by the motorcyclist. if you make a police report, i assure you that u are not goin to get the "saman" if u r following the law. yes... some motorcyclist are riding dangerously but not all. not everybody are as fortunate as we all that could afford to buy cars. they dunwan to b poor too... sigh~
    -kuang from pg-

  8. unless crime in progres.. then u can do tat as 'civil arress' or 'self protection'...

    otherwise. BOTH also salah... u salah bcause langgar balakang dia....

    them salah of riding motor like circus...

  9. Welcome to Malaysia. Rakyat didahulukan, percapaian diutamakan. rempits are rakyat also ma, dats why ppl complain for god knows how many years edi still these farkers exist, summore whatever happens we are wrong...we have to pack pur bags and go back china.

  10. i somehow stumbled on yur blog..
    my story was:
    at a cross junction (which was green at my direction) a skoolboy tried to run trafik lite which was red at his direction..crashed into my car..how ironic, his dad was an ex-polisman..he told me,"amoi,u punya kereta teruk, u mau claim u claim la..i takda duit mau bayar"..after saying that he walked away!!! the whole balai was in commotion , the sergeant wanted to saman me, i insisted to see Inspector, after some interview..finally the stupidboy was saman-ed...
    however, i cudnt claim from his insurance!!!according to insurance motorbike + commercial vehicles r NOT covered!! my 55% ncb GONE!!!!!
    motobike,pay saman rm300..dats all!i renewed my insurance wif NO ncb ..been saving all these years!! case close!

    motobike are nuisance ..


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