27 October 2009

Wrigley's Extra Professional Mint, Powderful!

You know which is the tastiest part of our mouth is? Our tongue lah! Becoz it's the thing that kasi u the taste, n also the place where all the rubbish u eat goes through! Imagine if you have to kiss your gf after you eat all the crap and your tongue is white from all the left over… u dun briff you goan taste your gf’s tongue n see … u sure like it wan!

Seriously la … I tell you why izzit so impotent to habe clean tongue ler … clean tongue will minimize the bacteria count in your mouth one … lower bacteria count means more clean and fresh mouth feeling and cleaner and fresher mouth means more hansem!!! Hansem then can sap-sap-sui get chicks la!!!

Ok la lets say you alredi mehlid like me and dunwan get additional headache by having more chicks in your life and your wife don’t like frenchie one … but u still habe very valid reason on why you should keep your tongue clean ok? Have you sometime experienced the food not tasty enough but yet your other half who is having the same kinda food is saying that the food taste great? You know whats the problem is? You got dirty tongue that why!!! Your taste bud are covered with those white goey stuffs and that actually reduce your taste bud sensitivity .. hence your taste buds is not as sensitive as the other person whose got a clean tongue.

So what can you do to make sure your tongue is always clean? … last time the only way is either to scrap it or to brush your tongue when you brush your teeth … but I don’t like the idea of scrapping my tongue or brushing it … got this kinda gross feeling when brushing my tongue and its pretty vomit inducing one too!

So what other option do I have? Well … The other day got this my brader introduce to me Wrigley's Extra Professional Mint, damn shiok wan leh! This mint got come with ridged thingy on one side of the mint hor, you can suck suck n it can clean ur tongue for you automatically wan leh! So before you French kiss your gf … go suck first la!

Anoder funny reason on why you should have clean tongue is … have you ever seen vege stuck between someone’s teeth? … do u have the urge to actually dig it out for him or her? Now with a super clean tongue … I bet your gf would actually let u dig that piece of vege out of her teeth with it!! I kid you knot wan!! Dun fake fake ok? I know u got the same fetish as me wan!!! Admit it la!!

Why Extra Professional Mint? Because it is not just a mint. It got job to do wan, every biji of mint can clean your tongue clean with the dissolving microgranules. Achterly hor, what dissolving what micro thing also nebermind la, you just make the ridged part face your tongue, then you mai scrape your tongue against it lor. When at night and you hungry, pop 1 biji and start scraping your tongue, got some left over food for you as supper! Samo processed by your saliva for whole day ledi good for digestion, dun nid werry get fat!

Got 2 flavors wan, my favourite Peppermint and Forest Berries, must try, I like berries wan! The packaging veli convenient too, in a handy tin, I say hor, just throw to your gf n ask her put in her beg la, your pocket is to put manly things wan! Samo, the RM3k Burberry beg you pay wan leh! Time to make use of it! She will be happy also. Kasi Ah Lian eat ledi she can camwhore n show tongue, last time got white white stuffs, make people very suspicious what she had for supper, now pink pink ledi like baby skin you see also wana suck...the mint.

It is a sugarfree mint so if you have a weak set of teeth, then good for you lah! can suck as many as you want and won't rosak gigi. Just don kam to me with no teeth n kompren can ledi! I got good teeth wan!!

Ok lah, you get the picture, jung ji, eat ledi damn shiok. Maybe can throw away your tongue scraper that I bet u dun use wan. But lets cut the crap and start being as professional as the mints and help people scrape their tongue clean. Actually, it is to help remove food leftover from people’s tongue by playing this game.

I know it may look like the owner of the tongue is vomiting out the cute food, but it's not ok, it's the food that will get onto the tongue, so you kena kill them by rubbing a mint on them till they die and you get score. Rabba the food icon with the mint at the edge of the tongue to get bonus score. Why you wana help peeple clean their tongue? Because you stand a chance to win a Sony netbook!! So just put the mint at the edge of the tongue to get more scores lor!
Samo, if you play the game, can win a Sony netbook leh! Damn simple only, kam, Wingz Taikor teach u

1. First, you goto http://www.extratongueskater.com to learn how to play.

2. Get as high score as you can

3. Register and submit your score

4. And you’re on your way to winning the prizes!

So Easy! Mana Mau Cari?!


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