2 November 2009

Ahbeng Wannabe Hunter

There is this ahbeng fwen who suddenly asked me whether i know any place thats selling hunting refiles over mamak .....

Ahbeng : Eh u know where got sell guns for hunting ar?
Me : I think Kajang there got ... why suddenly into hunting now? last time ask u go fishing ... u die die also dunwan.
Ahbeng : I wanna get gf la.
Me: MCH u so lan random lor! U wanna get gf but u asked me where to buy hunting rifles? You taken your daily medicine anot?
Ahbeng : U derno meh? U how long no kam out kau lui edi?
Me : MCH! u siao ar? U forgotten I m acherly married izzit?
Ahbeng : You very Outdate la! now all chicks find bf hor ... they want look for hunter one.
Me : Why hunter?
Ahbeng : The chicks said ... hunter always go deep deep into the bush one! and Hunter always fire more than 1 shots! and hunter always eat what they shoot wan!
Me : LOL! mch ... They eat what they shoot? ... Ewww

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  1. think thats why you need wrigley's extra pro mint lorrrrr


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