28 November 2009

Trouble With Honda City Cobra Alarm After Battery Changed on the Remote and How to Solve This.

Met some fwens at Damansara uptown yesday to yumchar and while walking to Star-Bark kopi i saw this shop selling clocks n wacthes one.

I been wanting to change the batteries to my Car alarm for sometime now because the range is beginning to shorten to almost 2 feet alredi! ... I walked in the shop and asked the uncle to change the batteries to the Cobra Alarm remote.

The whole process was over in less than 5 minutes and I did not even bothered to test the remote after that, simply because my car were about 5 minutes walk away from where I am. Thinking everything is fine I proceed to meet my fwens in Star-Bark kopi and spend about 4 hours there.

Lemme tell you this ... not checking whether your car alarm remote control is working properly or not after battery change is a BIG MISTAKE! It almost cost me a tow from Damansara Uptown all the way back to Ampang and on a weekend I reckon that would prolly cost about 300 buxs?

I walked back to my car and begining to test the remote range and see if i can get the door open from a distance ... there is simply no reponse from the car alarm at all! The LED light on the remote is blinking fast but the car alarm is not responding. I walked all the way to the car holding on to "Button A" and yet i did not get any kinda response saying the alarm adknowledged the signal from the Cobra alarm remote.

Not wanting to create havoc and to make myself look like a car thief I decide to lepak at a kopitiam nearby and use my phone to go online to search for ways to solve this problem. I also smsed a few frends asking for help but all my efforts were futile as no one ever encountered such a problem before. Online search do not return any website that teach how to solve this problem as well. I m sitting duck! Stuck in Damansara Uptown and its still raining!!!

I then made a call to the Honda salesman who sold me the car and asked for help. (I dont know why i never thot of doing that ealier!!) lucky my wife got his number saved on her phone, if not ... I also derno how to die lol!

The Honda Sales person said this kinda problem is pretty common and there arent any manual that teaches the user what to do in case of alarm remote just had a battery change. He guided me on the phone and I managed to "reset" the alarm and had it working as usual!

I then decided to blog about it so that if anyone who faced a similar problem with Cobra car alarm system (I m not sure which model is this but a call to my fwens confirms even his Honda 08 model is also using the same kinda Cobra alarm system, so I assumed its the same model as well) could easily google about this article and solve the problem without having to run around like a headless chikin seeking for help.

This is how :

There is 2 buttons on the Cobra Alarm remote, the big one is known as "BUTTON A" and the small one is known as "BUTTON B" and this is what you need to do in the event of battery changed on the Cobra Alarm Remote :
  1. Stand next to your car, this is because your remote control will have to send some kinda signal to the car alarm telling it the he just had a battery change LOL! (or something like that)
  2. Press both BUTTON A and BUTTON B simultaneously (together) and hold them down, you will get fast blinking LED light. Hold both buttons until the LED light stop blinking.
  3. Press BUTTON A twice and wait for response from the Car Alarm. You should be able to unlock your door or get some kinda response from your car alarm at this point.
  4. If all those abiove doesnt work ... you prolly need a new remote control or a new sets or car alarm!
At least it worked for me tho! Good Luck!


  1. Remote control tips. U geng ar!

  2. Guess what....you are really my savior. I had this problem last night - 27th April 2010.....It worked very well...Your steps to get the remote working is fabulous and detailed..Thank you..thank you..

  3. Thx for the post..this alarm looks same as my innova..bought it second hand unit,the alarm doesnt work at the time i bought it..nevermind because the salesman told me that its just need a new battery..then i went to accessory shop in muar to install tinted film to my car..at that time i just saw a display unit of that remote with it alarm unit..very surprised ...the cobra alarm price is Rm1300 for the lowest specs..then i asked the tauke to check my remote..luckily he just fixed it wihout change battery..just open d cover ,put out and put back d battery..it works ...and he also start some story bout that alarm..yes da price is true..rm1300..the remote cover can replace cost rm 25..but if d remote spoilt..it will cost you rm400++..k thx thats my story for this time..

  4. Anonymous8:56 am

    Thank god this blog saves my remote alarm. Many many thanks!!

  5. hey i got same prob now ==" but now im try now...

  6. hey thank just try it... ^^ and it WORKS!!! love it... haha

  7. Anonymous2:59 pm

    My car's window was broken by a thief. Now I have this kind of problem... i will try this later...

  8. Syarifuddin10:42 pm

    Hai Ah Beng..

    Thank you so much for your sharing.. it really works!!.. My sister ask to search in the internet on how to solve the cobra problem at straight away i see your blog.. I think of sending my car to honda service centre tomorrow morning.. but i manage to try your tips at 10.00 pm 21 October 2011.. my remote can work now... alhamdulillah... feel free to call me at 012-397 2455.. really wanna talk to you..

  9. hai Bro Syarifuddin!

    Glad to know if works for your car! no thank you necesary .. its all in good faith to mankind! :)

  10. hi ah beng..

    very thankful with the sharing..i blank already after my remote doesnt respon to my hondaa city after i had changed the battery last night..really made me cannot sleep huhu..read ur tips this morning and immediately follow the steps now ok already..thanks a lot...

  11. Anonymous9:05 pm

    Thankss broo.. you save my dayy... ;-)

  12. Hello bro my car alarm has gone haywire. Its alarming non stop and it does not response to the remote. Got any tips?

  13. entry ni mmg power bro! lu mmg saved my day today! thx bro!

  14. Anonymous5:16 pm

    lu mmg power bro n lu saved my day today!!! thx a bunch!!! :)
    Hidayah Raziap

  15. you....the MAN! thanks a bunch...


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