23 November 2009

What happened if you Pay Peanuts ....

Its Monday .. the day where every-effing-things dont turn out right!!! Its also a day to kompren about things!

I m gonna show u a video that proves the fehmes quote "Pay peanuts to get monkey" if you would show this to your boss and demand a raise ... i think this video would be vehlee helpful lor!

Smell my balls! or Ass ... whichever you preferred LOL!

I dare to bet you ... that basket is still drunk or high wan! LOL with medic lidis ... i think no players in the match would wanna play rough anymore! KAKAKAKA!


  1. LOL. Lucky I don't play football.

  2. huahuahua. so funny. Thanks for sharing.

  3. that medic must be "beh song"
    wif that player


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