9 November 2009

How to Make Sweet Potatoes?

Most of young city girls cant cook ... n its a fact. It so happen that there is this newly wed Ahlian who wanna start learning about how to cook "properly" for her hubby and when it comes to cooking my fwens will normally ask me for help one.

So one day my fwen asked me out for yumchar and at the same time asked me to teach her a thing or 2 about cooking one la .... at the mamak i asked her this

Me : You know how to cook anot?
Ahlian : simply simply one like maggi and hard boil egg can ler
Me : errm ... whats your husband's favourite food?
Ahlian : Oh he like sweet potatoes one! I been having problem with that!
Me : Sweet potatoes? thats interesting! How you cook it?
Ahlian : Oh! that one simple oni ... i just boil it in water only.
Me : Thats all?!!
Ahlian : it might be easy for you bcoz u so good in cooking n all ... but after a few tries i still unable to cook a perfect sweet potatoes for my hubby ler!
Me : WHAT?!! ok ok ... pls elaborate to me what kinda trouble did you face when making the boiled sweet potatoes for your hubby?
Ahlian : You see ah .... I made 2 time edi ... 1st time is a disaster! its nothing like sweet potatoes at all! then 2nd time i managed to make them sweet edi ... but untill now i still derno how to make them turn oren color!
Me : You used normal potato to make sweet potato ah?!!!
Ahlian : Yar ... not lidat one meh?!


  1. kakakakkakak!!!!!!!

    seldom leave any comment before but this post really brighten my day!

    ur friend, ahlian is a champion! lol

  2. rofl. epic phail!

  3. What the.. hahahhahahahahha....

    I really agree with you city girls nowadays dun really know how to cook. Instead you find it so miracle hor... that the guys instead are the one who knows. =_+

  4. I don't like to cook too.. but if trying to make white potato to be sweet potato.. that is tooo over....

    waseh! first time i see...

  6. hey~ a accidentally found ur blog and was laughing like crazy when i'm reading few of your blog post!!haha! mind exchange links?

  7. I accidentally found your blog and was laughing like crazy while reading few of your jokes! In fact, I'm still laughing! Will visit here often! :D


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