16 October 2009

Sony Alpha a550 7 fps Sample Shots

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Another question I got asked alot is ... how is the 7fps speed priority mode in the Sony Alpha a550 performs.

Prior to that i wish to make tell you that the IQ in the below images dropped by alot after the JPEG to GIF conversion. I think the GIf animation would be the most suitable method of showing what this 7fps Alpha a550 can do and not so much on the image quality (IQ) of the alpha a550.

To be able to shoot 7fps first you gotta enable it. By enabling the 7fps speed priority mode your will be disabling some of the Sony Alpha a550 features while you are at it. Focus point and exposure will be locked.

Thats means if your object moved closer or further from your camera then you will get blur images. The camera will only remember the focus distance and aperture and others settings from the first image and apply that to all the images that you shot until you let go of the shutter release button.

The below animated GIf is a animation of 32 images taken inside the gondola of a cable car in Langkawi during the Sony Image3 media Tour.

Impressed yet? Sub RM3k DSLR body that can do 7fps .... you be the judge ok? :P


  1. wow.. impressive review of a550.
    congratulation on your winning of a550 too :)

  2. wei bro, everyday come also camera here, camera there...boring leh...no more interesting things to see, no more jokes...boring siah....camera everytime...


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