8 October 2009

Sony Launching Alpha A550 in Langkawi

Sony Image3 Media Tour Langkawi will be held @ The Andaman Langkawi and for the first time Medias reps will be able to get their hands on the all new Alpha A550 and take it for a test run!

Fortunately I was given the opportunity to attend the event so to those who have questions about he A550 feel free to post it here and if time permits (and the availibility of WiFi) i shall try my best to answers all your questions bout the A550.


  1. please post your verdict on the a550 after u come back k.. i'm looking forward!

  2. hi bro! are the body and the grip with be available on sale together? thanks..

  3. d grip looks nice leh ... ^^

    but guess d silver color wil fade off fast lah ...u know lah.. salty hands mah kakaka


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