22 October 2010


Ladies, Genitalmen and Party Animals!

I got good news and great new for you!

The good news is XPLAY SHOUT Award Party is back!!! In case you too noob to know what is this XPLAY SHOUT Award is all about then lemme tell you la …

XPLAY SHOUT is a pre-show party to celebrate the nominees of the SHOUT! AWARD and there will be performances by all the 2009 SHOUT! Award winners! Here is a list of the performers that will making an appearance at the XPLAY SHOUT 2010.


The GREAT NEWS is! ITS FREE!! YUP! You heard me! Its freaking free! All you need to do is goto www.facebook.com/xpaxfb and register yourself!

This is wat you gotta do :

1. Join as fan and click on the XPLAY tab
2. Register for a FREE invitation
3. 1st 150th registrations on Xpax facebook will get free drinks as well! (if you are Xpax or U.O.X. member you will get 2 DRINKS!!!)

I hear also my legs itchy edi wanna dance! That is not all ok? XPLAY SHOUT is just the Pre-show party, the real big one is the SHOUT AWARD!


The Shout! Awards - it is an entertainment award show, yes it is THE award show - created to celebrate the Malaysian entertainment industry. The award recognizes people of music, television, film and radio industry - hehehehe scroll down and you'll know more on who I mean; as well as the overall entertainment industry. That - would be happening on the 20th November 2010!!!

If you are interested to go to the SHOUT AWARDS wan, this is how :

You goto www.channelx.com.my and download 3 call me tones of the mobile content award 2010 nominees and then u will stand a chance to win free passes to attend the SHOUT! AWARDS on the 20th No. 2010!

Just tat simple!!! So fast fast registered yourself for the XPLAY SHOUT first and then go download call me ring tones to be in the run to win free passes to SHOUT! AWARDS la!

Wait wat wait?

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