15 October 2010

TAKERS The Movie

Fancy an action packed bank robbery kinda movie? i think it has been quite sometime since i last watch this kinda movie already. Kinda hungry for a movie that shows how crimical minds work especially in a bank heist.

If you oso feeling the same then welokam to the club nigga! There is this new movie kambing soon to a cinema near you that is about bank heists wan! All kaw kaw mia jobs and all perfectly executed wan!

Cinema is gonna start showing prolly around 28th Nov but if you cant wait that long OR you are a sucker for free movie tixs like me ... well i got gud nius for lu!

You can now win a pair of tixs (pair means 2 la! u can bring ur boypren or gerpren go so u wont be ronely ma!) by doing tis : (ok tis is where i exprens the mechanics to you ... so listen carefully ok?)

1. Goto the Movie website HERE and take the Quiz to determine whether your balls is big enuff to be one of the Takers (like the one i did ... they said i m the gunman ... i couldn't agree more! I m born with a gun and will definitely die with a gun also lol!)

2. Blog about your favorite Takers Character with all your creative juices and submit your published entries to contest@sirens.my before 21st of October 2010!

3. You will not only win free movie tixs ... but the 3 most creative blog entries will be receiving awesome Taker's goodie bags to bring home.

4.That's not all! They actually have 2 Sony Walkman W Series (NWZ-W252/W) MP3 Player to give away as lucky draw prizes!!!

Now how the Eff you can say no to that huh?

Screening details is as follows :

Screening Details:
Date: 25 Oct (Monday)
Time: 9.00pm
Venue: GSC Mid Valley

For more information on this contest please logon to http://www.sirens.com.my/

Here's the movie trailer for TAKERS just to keep u stim while u typing your contest entry post :P

Good lark!

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