13 October 2010

The Other Guys the movie

Dunch werry ... no spoiler wan!

It actually been ages since I last been to any cinema, but tat doesnt mean i m not a movie buff ... i just prefer to watch dvd at home at my own free time, preferably half nekid lol!

Well yesday i finally decided to be abit less anti social and went to the premier show of "The Other Guys" ... the primary reason would be, i watched the trailer before on youtube. (maybe there is something you all dunno yet ... in facebook they nicknamed me Wingztube coz i shared so much videos I think i must have watched close to couple millions videos alredi lol) so yea ... it was the trailer that attracted to me attend the premier show wan.

Nah! see? i no bruff u wan! the tixs to the premier show!

n since i plomised lu all no spoiler .. i wont tok bout the movie but instead i will sum it all up for u.

Was the movie gonna worth ur tixs $? YES! the movie was so good tat i will wait for them to release the DVD n watch again! Intense non stop UNLAME freakingly outta tis world kinda comedy thruout the movie!

Dun say i no tell u!

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  1. I wished I have those boobs waiting for me at home T_T


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