6 September 2010

Special Raya Treats from iTalkWhoa

Selamat, Hari Raya
Pada saudari saudara semua
Marilah dengan gembira
Merayakan aidilfitri yang mulia ini

It’s Hari Raya once again and what does this means? HOLIDAY OF COURSE!
But wait, before you get all excited for the celebration, here’s something to make this auspicious day even more special. I know everything is increasing in price.

My friend’s breakfast just went up by 30% and she’s complaining to me every day so here’s a good piece of news unlike the others (petrol price went up, no more subsidy for this and that, company not making money so no bonus, you only get 1 day of holiday even though u dun work on Saturdays there will be no replacement, etc.), here are some FREE talktime courtesy of iTalk! Woah!

That’s right! From now till 31 October 2010, activate or reload your iTalk card and you can enjoy 20% additional talktime. YES! 20 PERCENT! For Ahbeng and Ahlians who failed your math, here’s what you’ll get:

Your free talktime will automatically be credited into your account once you activate or reload your iTalk card. Now this is what I’m talking about and no, you don’t have to subscribe for 24 months or weird Terms and Condition.

Can’t go back this holiday? WHY WORRY? You can stay connected with your family still!

Selamat Hari Raya
Hari untuk kita bersuka ria
Selamat mari ucapkan
Untuk kita hingga sampai tahun depan
Terima Kasih!

Remember people, DRIVE SAFE and always make sure you’re not driving when you’re enjoying your free talktime from iTunes ya! I’m not responsible if you kena roadblock wan!

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  1. Mr rojak.
    i need to ask you some question about your blog.
    would u plez tell me how may i contact u.
    email or facebook.
    thankz btw.have a nice day.


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