22 October 2010

Have you heard about the Proton Inspira X

Proton Developing Inspira -X? big joke right? Niahma! ppl got EVO X edi .. take n rebadge la! waste wat fark money to develope Inspira X? not like u never do before also! WTF! Laugh 9 die me! LMAO!

While this may be true, there are also rumours that Proton's own tuning division has something up its pipeline as well. Race, Rally, Research, or better known as R3 is said to be working on what we know as the Inspira-X.

There are no further details on this but considering that R3 has already been working on its own turbocharging system for a while now, and the equipment list on the Satria Neo Lotus Racing Edition is enough to make any hardcore Japanese enthusiast envious, the Inspira-X, if it ever happens, could just turn out to be the icing on the cake for Proton.

While we wait around and hunt for more information, here's a little something that Tom whipped up when we asked him how he thought the Inspira-X may look like, the man prefers to let his pictures do the talking, we hope he's right because that could just be the best looking Proton in a while.


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