11 April 2010

First Sony Alpha DSLR Pro Shop in Malaysia

Good New for all Sony Alpha DSLR users! Sony recently opened a Pro shop in Kuala Lumpur (Pudu Plaza to be exact) to cater for all Alpha users in Klang Valley.

I was very grateful to be invited along with other Sony Alpha DSLR Enthusiast to the launching of the first Pro Shop in the Region.

I am also grateful to Mr Chin (The owner of Sony Pro Shop) for allowing the few invited bloggers cum Sony Alpha users to be the first few to experience the newly renovated Sony Pro Shop before the crowds grow too large.

If you are a Sony Alpha user, Mr. Chin is a name you would never missed ... primarily because Mr.Chin price is one of the best in town and his service is top of the line. So whenever we wanna buy anything, the first person we would be calling is Mr. Chin fro Alpha Pro Shop!

Details n contact information of Sony Alpha Pro Shop will be available at the end of this post. We shall now let the photos do the talking ok?

We arrived early in the morning n found Sony Alpha Pro shop's staffs is already there waiting for our arrival.

The front entrance of the shop is still blocked by buntings from the time we arrived so to keep the suspense feeling right up till the time of official opening.

Guests start registering their arrival.

Complete Lens lineup from all 3 categories, The Carl Zeiss lens category, The Sony G lens category and the Alpha SAL n DT lens category.

Mr, Chin talking to a buddy of mine (Irwan) answering his questions about this concept flagship Sony Alpha Pro shop.

Sufficient stocks of Sony mount DSLR lens for the launch.

Part of the Alpha Blogger team that were given the opportunity to visits the Sony Alpha Pro shop before the official launch.

Mr.Chin posing with Sony ALpha DSLR Gift Hampers

Wide shot of the whole Sony Alpha Pro Shop, as you can see, the items in the shop is really extensive.

Wide shot of the whole Sony Alpha Pro Shop, as you can see, the items in the shop is really extensive.

Mr. Chin officially opened the first Sony Alpha Pro shop in the region it his loyal customers.

Group Photos of all the happy customers cum Sony Alpha DSLR users.

So, whatever you are looking for, from studio lightings, to UV filters and bags and radio triggers etc etc. This is the place to be! I been making purchase from Mr. Chin since as long as I can remembered and I keep going back there! Isnt that some kinda testiment already?

Here is Sony Alpha Pro Shop contact infos. as promised :

Sony Pro Shop
Telephone no.:03-21455186/012-2913886
Location:Pudu Plaza
Staff Name:Mr.Chin or Ah ling
Shop Opening Every Day From 10a.m To 9p.m


  1. fuiyooo...

    VIP really is VIP ...
    You get to go to all these keng keng opening.

  2. Just wondering, if got email to contact the company regarding the prices?

  3. Mike : sifu y yau tease me lah!

    Eddie : i dont have email contact, most of the time i will just call and ask. I might know the price ... if you lemme know what item you are looking for.

  4. Thanks Wingz, i am still saving up to buy a Sony dslr system :( so was hoping to gather more information on a target budget. was thinking of getting either a550 + flash or if can get a700 on cheap since replacement coming soon :)

  5. Eddie : kinda difficult to compare a700 & a550 because both r from diff league but this is what i can tell you.

    a550 new body is around 2.1k and a used 2nd hand a700 body is around 2.1k to 2.4k. New set got gerenti of 16 months used set might not have any gerenti left.

    Flash got 2 to choose from. F42am is 750.00 new and F58am is 1.1k new. Old set is about 100-200 buxs discount.

    I hope that answers your Q feel free to email me if you have further questions. or u can add me in fb search for wingz hansem in fb.

  6. Thanks for the info, wingz. Will try to find you in FB.

  7. how much do u put price for Sony 70-200mm F2.8 G lense..


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