13 April 2010


You know when you get invitation to events .... most of the time la ... they will give u a goody bag. Innit u can find craps like stickers .... lanyard .... crappy keychains ... pens ... silicon wrist band. On a good day you could prolly get a thumbdrive! or a t-shirt! BUT a freaking cool headset??? This is the first time lor!!!

This is what i got from the iTalk WHOA! Bloggers party!

Here pls feel free to drool at my WHOA! headset! hahaha!

The bling bling chun WHOA! headset!!! Limited edition wei!

Everyone alo dem stim after they took a peek into their goody bag! dun briff u ask them n see! lol!

And this is where the iTalk WHOA! bloggers party happened! Bornea Rainforest Sunway!

Participants lining up for their goody bag!

I met so many familiar faces! some long lost bloggers also there! I like this kinda party whereby there is no boundary and everyone can attend. Its almost as good as the independant bloggers party lidat ... not only confined to certain groups of bloggers in general.

SO when bloggers get together .... what they do? they camwhore!!!!

Kristine and Xiang

Jason, Joshua, Jessica and William

The crowds

Mr. Jeremy of TMNET opening speech

Do you know that iTalk WHOA! is all you need to login to all your fb, Y!, MSN, twetter, Gtalk, Gmail, Yahoomail, hotmail (soli ah! no ahbeng frendsters serbis yet ah! ... who in the world would use frendsters anymore huh?) i no shit u wan! All that in one portal!

Sommo ah! can send sms and make cheap CHEAP phone calls to all over the world TOO!!! its like one Portal rule them all lidat! (you got watch lord of the LING b4 anot?) All that services available in iTalk WHOA!!!

Right after which is Glutton Time!!! The selection of food is ... WHOA!!! ... the most extensive i ever seen in any bloggers party! Big tenkiu to the organiser of the party!

Tak habis makan sial!!! majiam majiam ada!!! suma chun chun mia!!! makan sampai sakit gusi chewing! lol!

Q&A session by TMNET big shots :)

more camwhorings

n games

n more camwhorings

n Bunkface's mini concerts!!!


n more camwhores

n more camwhores

and one more for the road!!

Honestly ... that nite really enjoyed kaw kaw!!! met so many fwens n tok so many koks ... n took so many pikchers!!!


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  1. Ahahaha... I see my food nutritionist a.k.a. Shaz in your photo!!!


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