6 May 2010

The Perfect Mother's Day Gift!!

Having headache thinking of what to get your mum as mother's day gift? I dont blame you ... i have the same problem too! Most of the things i wanna buy for her she already have one ... I buy her jewelry she say waste money bcoz she dont wear one, watches also alot edi .. she keep telling me "I only got 2 hands" lol bring her go makan ... that one no nid wait mother's day also can bring la!

Lucky for me coz lately i joined this slimming program at My Body Secrets and they having this promo for the whole month of May for Mother's day!

Only for RM299, you can give your mum a while deal of pampering. Dem worth i tell you! one dinner on mother's day also worth more than that!

What can be better than a gift of blissful health? Think no more! Call My Body Secrets now and make your reservation!!

For more information call +603-6142 4898 now!

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