17 May 2010

Over The Sea iTalk WHOA! call for just 5 sen!!!

Dear Ahbengz and Ahlianz,

If you are a reader of this blog, I sure noe you haben register for this program 1…!! Coz you are just cheap like me!!

U must think this application needs money…rite??

I proudly announce this application is ahbeng-ploof. What does it mean??

This means that iTalk WHOA! is generally a free portal…You need not pay any extra charges other than the fees for the existing applications it offer…

So this means that you still get to enjoy any other benefits as a central hub for facebook, myspace, and different emails and messengers. Since all this doesn’t actually charge you for its services, you archerly don’t need to pay for it!

Unless you want to start using italk to call ur biao meis in china….you have to purchase the kredit for that… But dun worry, TM mah! not that bad wan!

After I recently register for an account, guess what?? They gave me RM5 freeee kredit!!
Can buy a bowl of wan tan mee !!

Can see anot??!?!

As a hansem blogger, of coz I must try it out lar….to see if the IDD thing is reli ah beng fool ploof anot…..if not later u guys dunno how to use blame me…

The free kledit I was given to test out the system! LOL

Archerly, this is quite fun…I use the kledit and simply make a prank call to some Chainese Restoran in Amelika and order food to a random adress…LOL

It is very convenient becoz now u don’t need to walk all the way to the phone, I oni need to press buttons on the user interface, and majiam magik,

The interface kam out, then I can start calling. If you are the loyal ah beng got read my blog, you will noe last time I keep telling the rate damn low 1….and surprisingly, it is still damn low!
I think I saw got as low as 5 sen. 5sen!

This 1 is for our own Malaysia mia…

See…Wingz tarak tipu, reli 5 sen… I dunno about you, but I got damn a lot of kiasu Singkapoh relatives. In fact, I think now I want to use this iTalk for my work lar. FTW!

If you don’t like this serbis, you can try to call ur frens for free, iTalk WHOA provide serbis that is similar to skype, pc to pc call. For free mia…but the koneksyen sure not as stabil as houseline lar.

Come to think of it….This iTalk WHOA! is damn good. Especially if you have friends who uses myspace and others who goes facebook, and if you freako enuff, you can even stalk celebreties on Twitter….!

These days, all those muzik people masuk myspace 1…. Then, you oni use facebook…

And you follow your favourite artist on twitter… This thing archerly saves your time. Dun need login so many times. Login this and that.

If you register this iTalk, you masuk all your passwords and username for different apps, the next time you key in your iTalk password, they hambalang help u login masuk sekali, no neeed so sanfu.

Now you ken save time and do it all on one place… This is like free money…..waiting for you goan take…

You lose your chance, pliss dun blame me…

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