6 April 2010

The World First Digital Camera Magazine that is dedicated to only Sony Alpha DSLR Users

Last month we launched probably the world's first Digital Camera Magazine that is brand specific. This magazine of ours specially created to Sony Alpha users in mind! Yep u heard me right!

Everything in this magazine is Sony Alpha related! be it gears, gadgets, accessories etc etc.

I m also honored to be part of the team to bring you this community driven Alphanatic Mag! I will be mostly in charge of gears reviews and my other colleague will be in charge of other issues altogether.

Issue ZERO - March 2010 (Pilot issue) is already out and Issue one (April 2010) should be out soon too!

Here is a screenshots of Issue Zero! There is a link below the screenshots whee you can download this magazine and read it at your own pleasure.

To download Issue Zero in PDf format, please click HERE

All comments whether good or bad are welcome! Please leave me a comments at the comments section below.

Watch out for Issue One soon!!! Check this space out for more details!

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  1. great to hear that ^__^

    finally Alpha got what they wanted so long ...


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