6 March 2007

Sky Room, Federal Hotel Sneak Peek

Was in Federal Hotel to settle some outstanding issue regarding the venue today but dint managed to snap any photos bcoz they didnt turn on the lights.

But thanks to our brader Kenny Ng who susah susah goto Federal hotel to take these piktures just so that you will be able to see part of the package!

This is the Stage witht he disco thingy at the top

Entrance of skyroom

from right wing of Skyroom

Back portion of the skyroom

Left Wing from the stage

Panorama view of skyroom

This is what you can see when you look out of the window

This is what you can see when you look out of the window

Nice rite? Yea i thot so too! So .. Whois your daddy now?!!


  1. Woah, nice! You are the daddy ler! Lou dao!!

  2. Anonymous9:40 am

    ok.. Da-ddy

    Parking at federal hotel got cheaper on that day or not since we are 'guest' there ? :p

  3. You are the pedo!

    Eh, I see disco ball. I wanna slow dancing with Ahpek!

  4. Anonymous3:47 pm

    after dancing with lilian, I need masterbation room, got ah?

  5. Anonymous5:24 pm

    You teh papa!
    Nice looking room. Too bad I can't make it. :(

  6. wah...so nice one ar!!!!


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