8 March 2007

You Know this Face?? Free tickets to the speedzone f1 party ‘07!

This is an important Announcement :

Do you know this face???
(pheeweett liang lui!!)

If you dont, then take a good look at it! Print it out! stick it on the ceiling! stick it every where! all over the house!

Why? ... because she is gonna give you 10 pairs of free tickets to Speedzone F1 Party 2007 which is to be held at KL tower

How to get the free tickets?? Easy la! Its peanuts!!! Head on to her blog HERE all the infos are there.

And of coz ...

1. You must be 18 years of age to enter this contest.
2. ‘Winners certificate’ are not transferable, nor redeemable for cash.

Ahbengs and Ahlians, so ... What you waiting for?? Free Party wor!!


  1. Tiu lor... the contest period is over ledi lah... committee member can get or not? I gila F1 till can die one la...

  2. lkj! today last day liao u baru advertise ar??

  3. Anonymous12:55 am

    Organiser: Just come to One Utama Starbucks, 2-4pm Saturday...who knows, you might be pleasantly surprised ;)

  4. Anonymous12:25 am

    B-K-Ful, Suanie and Fireangel might ask you ppl to pay. Because some politikus say "Bloggers are Liars, 80% are Unemployed Women"
    Full text here.

    Sai-Lei leh.


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