30 March 2007

Girls! New Toy for Your Handphone

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These days ... Handphones are not only a communication device but they are considered as a fashion icon also!

I seen Ahbengs that cant tok no shit yingrish but they using Dopod! Mch! I am dem 9 sure he derno how da fark to use that thing also. Nvm that Ahbeng ... anyway today we wanna tok about women and their handphones.

Now mia handphones can do majiam majiam rite? Can take piktures la, can play miusik la, can go online la, can play games la ... macam macam ada la!

So lately there is company that created a products that can enhance the ability of your handphones and its made specially for women wan! (altho guys can still use it but ... i dun wanna know the details ok?)

What kinda products can this be? haha ... see for yourself la!

Handphone Dildo/Vibrator! No nid additional batteries one leh!

The western market recently had one kind of feminine handset self-consolation(masturbation).

From the contour looked it has not certainly distinguished with the general self-consolation(masturbation), its best feature is that you may slot your handset onto the product, when you adjust the handset to "vibration" mode, it became a motion(vibrator) at your convenience the self-consolation(masturbation).

Invention of this kind of self-consolation merchant to say their product enables the person to be allowed "to obtain the pleasant sensation", this is "in the natural history revolution."

Translated Descriptions taken from HERE

This is actually a good product ok? It fits most handphones for one and those who are in long distance relationship should really get one! (for the girl la! not for the guy!)

This is because most handphone only start vibrating when the phone start ringing rite? So u can make a long distance call and give her that "self consolation" kinda pleasure la! Altho you are not physically there ... but hey thanks to you she is now alot more "fulfilled" LOL!

So, the next time your bf/hubby/kanfu went outstesen/oversea for business then you still can get him to call back and give you that twinkling sensation still!!! Its like he never left home! In some case its even better than him being there himself!!! HAHAHAHAHAA!!!

If you asking me .. I would definitely say that this product is a must buy! (for girls only ok? do not attempt to use this products on guys pulez!!!)

Now ... who wanna join me for a bulk purchase??!! ( eh i buy not for my own use one ok? I m buying for someone else geh! LMAO!!)

This is anoder community message by the management of Rojaks Daily.

P.S. : Thanks to ah huei for the link.


  1. when u wan buy for me jekkkk?


    did i say that out loud?

  2. why gals need vibrator? own hand not good enuf?

  3. Anonymous10:20 am

    yep,now we can save money.no need to buy batteries.just recharge.Huei,you want aa..x payah buy la.i ada.free maa.ha..ha..sorry.joking.

  4. lidat if you hear the phone ringing non stop in the ladies toilet, you know something wrong lor.

  5. huei...i recommend u use bousch...better...

  6. I like your new banner vely much but hor,if you say read your blog everyday can become hansem then, I have to consider liau. I don't wan to be hansem, I just wanna be more beautiful. LOL

  7. If not enough power can use concrete vibrator machine... wakakaka

  8. oi uncle wingz, this is really an innovative product. takes the phrase "phone sex" to another new level di

  9. i have to agree with kenny, the concrete vibrator is a lot bigger. but it's inconvienient to bring around


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