24 March 2007

The Bedsheet for Lonely Souls - Single's Bedsheet

Its Saturday today and this is when you will get to see lotsa weekend couple spending time together .. yes that includes sleepingover at their bf/gf house.

But they will sure be those who are still single and available yet they do not have any companion to sleep with just yet.

So, If you are single and you dont have a girlfriend just yet, plus the fact that you dont like to sleep alone either, then this might be just the bedsheet sepcially designed for your kinda peeple!

The Single Bedsheet

Look on the bright side ... she wont nags, she wont wake you up to bring her out for blekfast, she wont ask you to go shopping and she wont have PMS too! hahaha!

Thanks to huei for the pic.


  1. mau knogkek apa macam

  2. girls one don haf ah?
    will it pay for my shopping?

  3. Bedsheet from OLIN ? hahahah !


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