16 March 2007

Straight Guys Loves Flowers too!!!

Flowers has always been associated with our females counterpart as long as we can remembered.

Now, starting from today onwards that is gonna change! Actually flowers are made for males!!! NOT females!!!

But of coz that were not discovered till now la!!! Now the secret is out ledi!! Dont take my words for it! see for yourself!!

Now you guys belif me yet???!!! Who want go watch flowers this weekend??!! enquire within!!!


  1. Anonymous2:09 am

    Wahh.. veli femilier leh... i think we see the same flower before lah.. where you see your flowers wan? :P

  2. Anonymous2:49 am

    you veli sick lah. explains why always see you smelling the flowers. hahahahha!!

  3. Anonymous3:10 am

    interesting... I got turned on!! tee hee...

  4. ooooooooo my gawd... now those flowers don't look nice anymore...
    so what should women like now instead of flowers? bananas?

  5. Anonymous5:43 am

    now everytime i looked at flowers ill wonder wat kinda petpet camouflage within!
    young pp,old pp..juicy wan..dry wan...
    eh wingz u love tht one in orange rite?! the kedut!! xD

  6. That's your wildest imagination so far, wingz. Lol!

  7. ya ya, where can see the real one?

  8. I want I want! Count me in please... kekeke

  9. aiks..hmm..yea lor..how about for straight gals leh? wut should we c??

  10. Wuah!, you flawers got so many lovely lips wan! lol.

  11. wahh.. nice flowers! I feel like licking them!

  12. Anonymous10:32 am

    now feel sick to actually recall all girls will go smell the flowers

  13. cincau : u go where to see your fawers one?

    nick : i kenot smell fawers la! i m allergic to fawers wan!

    jess : geez ... ur crossing over to the dark side aint u?

    rycerain : erm ... either that or papaya also can wat? lol

    belle : oren?? no!! i love pink pink wan!!!

    sr215 : wildest? hahaha no no ... this one baru warm up only!

    partick : u wan see real one u ask linpeh bring u go la! lol

    kenny ng : ok set! this weekend we together gether go see!

    huei : lpj u see ahboo mai enuff lor!!

    aceone : fawers where got lips one lerrr ... where u go ledi? kambek kambekkk!!!

    ahpek : lick gently la! they very fragile one! lol

    cely : who smell your fawer??!!

  14. eaw... no wonder i dun like flowers.. ahahaahaha.. now i know.. there is a reason .. LOL !

  15. I sudah cukup umur! I wan to go! XD

  16. Anonymous1:47 pm

    Damn! Now you got me thinking of pussy everytime I look at a flower.Nice shots man!

  17. eh eh. if i say i dont understand, you will whack 9 me anot???

  18. Where do you get those. You house wall mah stick alot of all this stuff. Then, female see wat ah - yau char kuai? Sei lor........... or ice cream? LOL

  19. Cibai! Now you make me geli of smelling flowers ledi. Niamah.

  20. Anonymous4:26 pm

    Nasty! Now i know where does the term deflower comes from.

  21. nice pussies..i mean posies!

  22. Wa Len Leh!! I like flowers too. Very nice presented and trimmed flowers.

    Wa Beh Ta Han leh!!!

    TQ lau beh to show us how beautiful flower can be.

    Expert really expert lah lu...

  23. WAHAHAHAHA.... Wingz.. very the brilliant... hahaha.... flowers smell so nice... they are so fresh... ooooooo... nice..... lovely... wait.. where was I? I AM TALKING ABOUT THE REAL FLOWERS OK!! lol!!!

  24. Oh! so that's the reason u asked me to read ur latest post lah? Eeeww! *muntah*

  25. if you study more about plants, flower is indeed plant's sex organ...

  26. Anonymous12:35 am

    like superimposed one!!!!

  27. DAMNNN! you make me feel so yikes lorrr OMG. phobia flower jor laaa

  28. Anonymous12:57 am

    nice photoshop skill lehhhh!!!!!!

  29. WINGZ,

    I guess some of us is never gonna look at flower the same anyone because of you hahhahaha

  30. janicepa : of coz you dont! fawers are for men thats why!

    infectioner : sure anot? tunjuk tengki!!

    mrdurian : pussy? u mean kitten izzit??!! kitten loves fawers too?? geez...

    lisan : nah i wont weck u bcoz i told u ledi rite? fwaer are made for men! only men will understand one! lol

    erinalaw : female see french bread la!!! yau big yau long! kakakaka

    5xmom : hahahaha yar dun smell fawers la! lets us men do that job! lol

    chapree : nabeh why i never thot of that one??!!! good one!

    wuching : u mean kitten rite? lol

    waikor : hahaha fast ask your gf/wife to buy u FRESH fawers la!

    ^@lvin^ : fawer smell so nice?? u tried smelling bunga taik ayam anot yet? lol

    lehbit : erm .. i did? dun bruff!! this post specially dedicated to men one wor! u men meh?

    bimbobum : superimposed? erm .. that one i not sure wor! this pics i got from forwarded email one

    abcchin : why phobia fawers larrr??!!! fawers is best!! i like!!!

    alex : photoshopped? no guah?!! i think real one ler!

    kidchan : hahaha next time u take photos of flowers dont giggle ok? lol

  31. Anonymous7:45 pm

    hahaha... a very interesting perspective on flowers.

  32. Anonymous2:21 am


  33. is this where pussywillow gets its name?

  34. Anonymous7:15 pm

    wah..u shud be professor in horniculture..eh! i meant, horticulture.



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