21 March 2007

Another Jungle Treking Adventure

Linpeh, Dale and Ahpek went on a jungle treking adventure in Taman negara when come upon a river.

Linpeh fast fast bring out his digital thermometer (to show off) to test the water temperature .... he dipped the thermometer into the river and seconds later take it out and said :

"The temperature of the water is 20 degree celcius"

Dale see Linpeh show off ledi he behsong, he also take out his more canggih infrared Thermometer, points it at the river for a few seconds and after a "beep" is audible from the device he announced

"The exact temperature of the river should be 20.531 degree celcius"

Upon seing this Ahpek who knows nothing bout all this advance advance gadgets, took out his "lil brader" and dipped it into the river for a few sconds and then put his "lil brader" back into his pants and said :

"I derno whats the temperature of the water ... but i do know that the depth of the river is exactly 1 foot and 2 inches deep!"


  1. I really think the ad's cute!! hahaha

  2. wahhh..so long!*depress*

  3. Anonymous2:26 am

    Damn AhPek, your lil brader tahan sejuk woh...

  4. ehaaheAHHAhaHAHAHA

    so keng!!

  5. luckily the river no crocodile!!

  6. *scratch head* 1 foot 2 inches is how long ah? *finding measuring tape to check out the length*

  7. 1 foot 2 inches long!? How to fit into his undies? omg... can't imagine it resting on his thighs... or go in between thighs? omg... stop thinking... *faint*

  8. Anonymous1:53 am

    The fishes in the river thought they see snake! Haha...

  9. I tell you all! This is a true story!!


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