13 March 2007

A - Z

Niahma this huei eat full ledi wait for poo to come nothing better to do goan tag me! Very soon there will be nothing left to blog but all tags!

But i gibe her face la! she helped us alot at the party so I must do her tag lor! ... you all dun simply simply tag 9 me I tell you! If not i asked 5Xmom come %$%&*@#$!! sama lu!!

Here goes

A for Angugu, u derno what is angugu? go flykite la!

B for Basket, ie : that basket owe me money notchet pay!

C for Cabai, cabai is lat jiu ... ie : dia mia cabai manyak HOT!

D for Dumbass, ie : the person who come out with this tag is a dumbass

E for Engkulis, ie : my Engkulis is no good thats why i go bek to skool to study moh!

F for Fucking, ie: Fucking is a small town in Autria Germany.

G for Goldfish, ie: korkor bring you go see goldfish want mou?

H for Hamtai, ie : Earl ku got the most extensive collection of hamtai among the bloggers i know.

I for I, ie : Wo "I" ni!

J for Juice, ie: when u small that time u got play this game call One, Two, Juice!

K for Kanenabo, this is a brand of cosmetic products (from japan) for women!

L for Lampar, If not mistaken .. Lampar is one of those aroma theraphy mia product. Full name i think is Lampar Barger.

M for Mong-beng, ie : You dont so Mong Beng can anot? wanna ask the same questions how many time?

N for nen nen, ie : Mummy i want nennen!!!

O for Olin, This one is Linpeh mia fehmes brand!!

P for peado, ie : Micheal Jackson is a suspected peado!

Q for Qamlan, ie: the 2 girls very close one .. thats why we call them Qamlan chee mui.

R for Ranjau, ie : last time at skool we got this book call Ranjau sepanjang jalan!!! as long as the road man!!!

S for Sorhem, ie : The name of the fler who come out with this tag is Sorhem

T for TFK, ie : If you TFK too much you will get weak knees.

U for Underwear, ie: just now got polis rush i kenot find u leh! you go hide underwear?

V for V-jai, ie : Last time moto handphone very heng V-jai one leh!

W for Waikor, ie: if your brader kenot naik .... you need to eat waikor!

X for Xinkalingum, ie : You dun sik siu siu barn Xinkalingum la!!!

Y for Y-Olin (pronouced as Violin), ie : Y-olin is linpeh mia brand also! new age musical instrument that also double as dildo!

Z for Zack, ie: in a deck of card ...Queen come after Zack!

I wanna tag sama

(take this!!! see u dare tag me sommo anot!)
Zewt (this one because he play 9 me during registration time!)
Lisan (because she eat full nothing to do yet)
Janice (because she preggy sure bored one)
Kenny Ng (niahma who ask u so lengjai?! lol!)


  1. yah lar wei..my poo har..nowdays veli hard to come out..can i tag u more? kakakakkaka

    i like lampar..barger!!
    or izit lampar burger? boleh makan wan? KAkakKAKA

  2. Anonymous6:19 pm

    walau! U really so geng chow ah..

    play tag some more. remind me during my very, very, very young days... missed those day!!

  3. niamafullattt...how u noe tfk too much will knee weak wan???!!

  4. O for Olin ? HAHAHAH !

  5. niamah... I where got lengjai? Dun insult me la wei... U say I'm rock I more happy mah.

  6. Your A-Z is most informative although I can't understand half of it.I believed some of it is in cantonise which I don't understand.

  7. R is for rojaks lor......

    E is for evrybadi lafu rojaks...

    ke ke ke ke ke ke

  8. ah tiu... i commented but went missing, dunno went thru or not...

    anyway, write again la...

    another tag... total 3 havent done... guess i have to do all by this weekend.

    next time i wont play 9 u during registration la...

  9. Tank Q sama lu brader you no tag 9 me. I lafu you deep deep!!


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