25 March 2007

Dengue Fever on The Rise!

Got a call from aceone at approximately 1:17pm telling me that Lehbit was hospitalised bcoz of dengue fever, the conver is something lidis wan :
Ace : alo where u?
Me : at home lar
Ace : Just wakeup ar?
Me : No lar just got back from brunch only
Ace : I just wakeup only la .. yesday watch football
Me : oh ... wassup?
Ace : You know Lehbit go in factory ledi ?
Me : I dunno wor ... what happened?
Ace : Kena denggi fever
Me : When kena wan?
Ace : A few days ago kena ledi but yesday only masuk factory.
Me : Oh shit ....

Apparently Lehbit did mentioned in one of her previous post :

Rabbit said...
aceone: We've already have like.. 9 cases of dengue near my house here. No need to wait till it spreads from subang till here lor. Kaka!
Please be more aware of your surroundings! Make sure there are no stagnant water in empty container around your house and clear all the rubbish. Spray lotsa n lotsa insecticide if there are any mosquitos in your house. Better be safe than sorry ok?

Now, lets all pray for this Lehbit to fast fast recover ok?


  1. Wish she get well soon.

  2. the sky is going to the hospital now..

  3. oh yes, heard bout her already.

    anyway, factory = hospital.

    so i am going to be a factory worker lah soon ya?

  4. my aunt was also hospitalised for dengue fever before.
    according to old folks tales, grind papaya's leaves with a bit of water to drink.
    it helps! well at least for my aunt's case :)

  5. Get well soon, lebbit!

  6. Get well soon Lehbit.

  7. what rabbit hospitalized!!
    which VET hospital she in?

    sharon is not atales woh
    and it not the papaya leaf olny.

  8. Get well soon. Are all your potential mosquito breeding grounds at home or environs checked and cleared?

  9. aiks lehbit get well soon!!

  10. Quick quick recovery ya.......

  11. i have heard of the papaya leaf thingy b4.. but then dengue fever is self limiting one...and the severity depends on the level of platelet...so how can the papaya leaves help in raising the level..i dunno...


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