10 March 2007

Together Gather Bloggers Party 2007 - The Aftermath

Go HERE for the most comprehensive compilation of all the party post by our guests

I m relieved! We are relieved! No more arguements! No more late night nitemares worrying something will goes wrong! No more worrying that nobody will come to our little party! No more worrying bout kena fark by ladyboss! no more worrying about there is not enuff door gifts!!! Its TEH OVER!!

WE DID IT!!!! After all the obstacles, hardships, arguements, lack of fund, ffks and inexperiences WE FINALLY DID IT!!!

I would not be able to do this alone! I owe it to everyone of you that contirbutes to the success of this pary. I would especially like to thanks our Ladyboss for being such a dedicated leader!

On top of that I would also express my upmost and sincere gratitude to the following people :

Ladyboss - you really are the pillar of this party, you didnt give up on us and keep motivating us to keep go on and on and finally we did it! You really are our inspiration! My biggest Thank you goes to you!

Frostier - Hes one great guy! as dedicated as our ladyboss, he gave his heart, soul time and money to make sure this event is a success! Thank you sir for everything! I salute you!

Linpeh - Without you, there wont be any party! I thank you for all your guidance and advices, you are the MAN!

Kenny Ng - Hes one hella great organiser! hes very committed too! he attended all the meeting (even the one i missed) and he will make sure everything done! If you dint do it he even willing to do your part also! I thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Aceone - You dont see he diam diam 90% of the time day dreaming bout lengluis (during all our meetings) and a few hours late during the most crucial time ... but when come to entertaining guests and camwhoring hes the man!!! Tenkiu Yew Yinsi!

9393 - Thank you brudder! We know u very busy lately but at last you did what you promised! We should have never doubt you! Thank you!

CKYEO - Altho most of the time this guy dont think before he speak but hes a very dedicated comittee as well, he did not joined us for long but thanks to him we got alot more done! Tenkiu Mister Sky Keep You!

Jason & Penny - Thanks for being the wonderful emcee, without you the party wouldnt be so lively! Dinner on me!

Eeleen - You are the best! you were always there for us when we need anything to do with graphics to be done with no complains. Sorry for those last minutes thingy and a congratulations on your registration! We all Wish you all the best!

Huei - You did well, Thanks for being helping us with the registration in such a short notice. I really appreciate it!

Belle & Lisan - You guys were great! Thanks for helping! I owe you big time!

5xmom - I would personally like to thank lilian for all her help and encouragements. You truly earn the title "Best Malaysian Mum Blogger"


To all our guests, thank you all for coming! I really hope you enjoyed yourself at our party and if there is anything or anywhere we need to improve on, please let us know! we are willing to learn and improve.

Finally time for photographs and camwhoring!!! Erm .. yea ... i camwhored too! shame on me!!!

WARNING : some of the photos here (the one with me innit) kinda have this Vomit inducing effect, please be adviced to take extra precautionary measure when viewing the below photos. If you have a weak heart please do not proceed! Other proceed at your own risk!

Work in progress : Goodies Bags

Committee hard at work

Ladyboss giving instructions

Skyroom at early hour

No one is here yet

Everything is up and ready!

Committee camwhoring

Sam at Yvonne's booth

Our Guest of Honor - Mr. Lee Boon Kok PIKOM's chairman

April Yim and Yvonne getting busy

Speech by our Guest of Honor

Signature of all the bloggers who attended this Gathering

Ladies and Gentlemen, Meet Earl Ku!!!

The legendary Ahpek, lilian, laundryamah, sasha and mott

Lengjai and Lenglui

Ahem ... Simon and lilian of coz!

Kidchan, Kimberycun and Shaolin Tiger

2 local james bond

Lisan and Kenny

Our first guest

Suanie, minishorts and Fireangel

Looters Caught red handed!!!

Bryan! Msia no.2 most influential blogger and Jason mumbles

Goldfish man giving plesen!

Most photographed trio in the party!

Jeff Ooi on stage

Winner of the Ipod Shuffle presented by minishorts

True blue blogger! blogging life from the venue

Guests lining up for their prizes

Frostier hard at work

Sasha on stage

Ladyboss having fun

Lilian and JJ

Shaolin Tiger taking group pic

Group Pic by Shaolin Tiger

Thank you everyone! Thank you for making this dream of mine come true!

Video by : kidchan.com/blog

I would also like to thank all the sponsors for sponsoring the events, without them this party will definitely wont come true.

Here is the list of all our sponsors :

The PC Fair Organiser!!!

The Best Cinema Portal In Malaysia

None knows Decoration like They Do

The best Hotel in the Golden Triangle!

Tenaga Nasional Berhad

Best blog in Penang, Kedah and some say even Hatyai!

I Will Follow You!

Photos best Companion!

nuffnang, Adsense Worst Enemy!!!

Best Musical School in Cheras!

Malaysia's Best Online Bakery Supplies

My Favourite Gadget Mags!

The Best Business Park In The City

For Better Broadband in Malaysia

advertiser+bloggers = money+happy

hblim the hollywood composer


Thank you from the bottom of your heart!

Will there be another one next year? Only time will tell!

PS : if u think this is lotsa pictures ... wait till I get the cds from kidchan! By the way, if you got photos you wanna send to me can you please email it to rojaks.wingz@gmail.com ? Thanks!


  1. Who can forget to tenkiu u mr Wingz the boss of the party...without you there will be no sky room, if there's no sky room there will be no future sky keep you room!

  2. Woah, lotsa nice pics. But which one is u ah Wingz taikor?

  3. Congratulations guys!

  4. ok i wan to sue kimberlycun ... our table started the helium thingy k ...

    hahaha all getting helium high edy ...

  5. Anonymous6:11 am

    wingz! u did a good job! thanks for the partay! :D

  6. And I thank you to till my bottom for really beautiful and well organised party!! THANK YOU!

  7. well done, wingz! manyak congratulasi!

  8. i reli enjoy tat nite coz lotsa pree gift...LOL

    thanks to those happy moment u organise for us...sifu...

  9. Anonymous9:28 am


  10. No u No Bloggers Party, you are the man! It's my honour working with u man!

    Adui... post so much of my pic geh? Im not lengjai weh...

  11. *clap clap* for you too!!! thank you soooo much for involving me!!!

  12. Anonymous10:32 am


    That is one blardy awesome party man!

    Congrat everyone do make it works!

    Malaysia boleh!!!

  13. Anonymous11:50 am

    Thank you all. I have a good time 'kau lui'!!!LOL

  14. Anonymous12:21 pm

    thanks bg and to everyone who made it happen! it was a wonderful party and lets make it an annual affair.

    earl-ku: no money for lawsuit lah, pay in other terms lor!

  15. wingz! you are da man! nice party, great jobs on it!

  16. Anonymous2:37 pm

    good work!!!!!!!

  17. thanks for the photos!! great work, can't thank you enough! =D

  18. Beh tahan anymore, finally show your camwhoring pics liao!
    Thanks for organising the event. Well done!

  19. congrats on the party, all! =)

  20. Thank you for all the time, hardwork & effort!

  21. WUAH!!!! so many pics and samo post the picture with me and many many goodie bags..err aceone gave it to me one..*pointing at ace*. GOOD JOB EVERYONE ESP U tai kor!!!

  22. Anonymous11:33 pm

    Congrats to everyone involved! :D

  23. Sai mmm sai kum kwa cheong ah? It is an honour to be the kepoh to you guys lor. Fantastic job by the committee, especially LadyBoss.

  24. eh no la.. yer... everyone worked as hard ok

  25. Wei. why put frostier hard at work.

    which eye u see i grow hard 1?
    damn paiseh u know.

  26. Great party. :-)

    I'm so sorry I cannot go due to personal reason. Looking at all those nice pics, I see you all really did a wonderful job organizing the meet.

    Yes, the bestest thing is... I saw your face liao in one of the pics. lol

  27. Good to see hear about the success in your party. It's never easy to do all this stuff and I hate it at times. The tireness, no one will actually know. I have organise many of this function but at the end like sei kai liau. Too tired mah.............. Well done and you can still do it again. Maybe a small party mah.........

  28. Anonymous3:46 pm

    Wow I finally met you :) congrats for a job well done and I my son absolutely adores the digi hat.

  29. Bila got Young Man Parti ?

  30. ckyeo : me gantung nama only la! your sifu is the real boss! lol

    lehbit : me? me also looks like james bond wan geh!

    sk : thanks! why u no kam?!

    earl ku : niahma next time i ask them leave the helium tank there la! no nid balloon la!

    cincau : tenkiu u too!! tenkiu for kambing!

    ahpek : u the best man!!! i lafu u deep deep!! tenkiu!

    may : u so yau sum! you take care ya?

    ahnel: nice to see you too! good luck with your new job!

    the angel : thanks! congrats to u too!

    kenny ng : The honor is all mine! sasha bribed me to put your pic one!! she said u very lengjai!!! she manyak tiap your sugar!

    lisan : tenkiu leng lui!

    cynthia : haha tenkiu wei! u so far also got receive news ka? take care!

    ace : hahaha u r the lohmeo of the party la! tenkiu

    Biao mui : Lotsa ppl keep telling me how HOT u r! and keep asking me to intro u to them wor!!!

    JJ : wuah i heard u won lotsa stuffs wor!

    FA : U left erly!!! i havent got chance to camwhore with you!!

    huei : LPJ you the best!!

    KW : shhh dun so loud! later ppl al pukes! lol thanks for being apart of the party wei!

    reta : thanks .. you shud come!

    angel : thanks for being so stunning that nite!

    sasha : u hot gucci mama of the nite wei!!

    chapree : thanks man! nx one must come!

    5xmom : the honor is all mine la!! we finally met!!

    ladyboss : i want hug u kaw kaw one lor!!

    Dale : kakaka ladyboss ask me put wan!!! maybe she got see u hard la!

    helen : u shud had been there la! nx one must come ok?!

    erinalaw : thanks for sponsoring our event! tenkiu bery much!

    mae : u n james is like the most lengjai lenglui couple of the nite la!! glad ur kid love the digi hat!

    linpeh : ask ladyboss lor!

  31. wei! me no looter la! aceone gib us one leh!

  32. Anonymous6:21 pm

    pwuahhh...realy happening la. So many lengjai lenglui. Hope i can be there next time.mrb

  33. Wingz!

    Where are the photos from that professional photographers going to be publish?

    I mean the pro photographer la. Not the bunch of pro blogger photographers!

    PISSSS! SHHHEEE! ... I'm the "Site Admin" for GolfNick...

  34. Good job everyone! We all had a good time!

    Someone stole my goldfish hat!

  35. Cocka,

    Someone stole you condom??!! You mean the used one?!?!

  36. Anonymous6:41 pm

    Wow!! Got so many leng lui bloggers one ah.

    Haiya!! really miss the excitement lah.

    Nevermind... I'll b bark!!!

  37. How come I didn't know about it? *pouts* Not fair. *pouts again* I missed the last one at Selangor Club. Now I miss it again. *sobs*

  38. Anonymous3:06 am

    thank you for a great time. and cocka, you must have left it at the fish tank!!


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