28 March 2007

5xmom kena molest!!

Ok la Ok la! she dint really kena molest la! but there is this self proclaimed HOLE-ly fler sent 5xmom one hamsap email with a pikture of man with the longest kukuciao innit!

Then nevermind you know! thats not all yet! he then proceed to call her aunty wor!! MCH!! of coz See Jeh sure naik api lar!!!!

Below is a caption taken from 5xmom's blog :

You are the farker who sent me that disgusting photo of a naked man. Fark you, calling me aunty, sending me religious stuffs and sent me that gross photos without due warning and respect to me. Take a mirror and look at yourself before calling me aunty, ok, pervert?

Link to this article HERE
You wanna send porno to ppl also u choose who la! Send ledi sommo still pretend to be not guilty wor! ok la ok la u win lar ... its not porn la! its just a picture of a naked guy showing his long long kukuciao and its for biology lesson one rite?

Lidis next time i go send someone anthrax and claim that its not my intention to kill him wan! I merely wanna study what kinda impact will anthrax have on a human body only!

Niahma la!! bruff cock meh lu uncle?!!! KAKAKAKAKAKA!!! KNN! This world hor ... majiam majiam ada!!!!

What say lu? Guilty anot?!!

P.S. : Seejeh i counted ledi ... this post ngam ngam 229 words (excluding this para, since we so geng this para i throw in FOC la!) , my regular charges (calculated based on the popularity and influences of this blog) is USD35 for 150 words! so now u owed me USD53.43! kakakakaka!!!


  1. Wuah, si heng, very kam toong. You never mention he called all my readers and commentors animals cos we are like animals using our animal instinct to tear him. That leaves the farker the only holy person on earth. Niamah, ptuii...

  2. Wah...... you make lilian so the kum tong liau. Btw, this story come out so long liau baru sekalang u say. Apalah dei.... LOL

  3. erina - cos that bugger posted his so-called apologies and call all of us animals wor! That's why Rojakz read liao oso naik api.

    Siheng - Niamah, I only owe you 13.43 wokay? After contra account

  4. hahahaha... macam macam ada.


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