21 March 2007

Of women and menses

Warning : I think its better that you read this post with an empty stomach .... unless you are kinda fond of throwing up ok? You been warned, proceed at own risk!

I derno whats wrong with me or that women just love telling me that they are having their period! So, now i m the period expert ledi izzit?

Just yesday, I got 3 of them telling me they got period and the way they described it was totally new to me!
The first one said :
This month mine is kinda different than usual ... It looks like Hung Tao sar (red bean paste) just a little bit darker!

Then the second one told me this :
I think I m gonna die of excessive blood lost! I went to toilet just now to change my pad and after I m done with it ... it looks like the scene of a mass murder!

The third one is even better! She even told me a story! She said :
Last time when I kena dengue fever ... I was so sick that I need to do blood transfusion, so my bf gave me lotsa his blood to save me.

After I recovered, I found out that this bastard has been cheating behind my back, so i dumped that bastard and refused to meet him nor take his calls. Then one day he mailed me a note saying :

"Since you refused to forgive me and take me back, I demand that your returned my blood that i donated to you"

Then I send him back a package, in the package I include a bloody sanitary pad of mine and a note saying :

"Dont worry! I will pay you back in monthly installments!!!"

Erm ... anyone wanna take over the position of the period expert from me? I really should just stick to jokes you know?


  1. Waahahahaaaaa.... that was soooo damn funny Wingz! cannot sleep ady la, how?
    and i'm hungry... feel like eating hong tao sar....

  2. Wah~ LOL!!
    Monthly installments.
    Not bad for a change. Period expert. lol~

  3. don't mind giving interest somemore. hehe. what does period and salary have in common? both also 1 month come 1 time, last less than a week, habis liao

  4. mahai! you so expert somemore where can find people to replace you jek?

  5. kakaKAKKAk monthly installment!!

    no one can take over ur position lar..u're the man!

  6. Ha! Ha! U must be a real gentlemen. That is why lady trusted u.I am sure next they will start telling u when is their ' hor ny' period & hope that u can relieved their 'hor nyness'. Have a nice day.

  7. keng!!! the 3rd one!!! monthly installent. kik 9 sei the man

  8. wingz the period expert!

  9. Anonymous1:46 pm

    Pos Malaysia don't accept "exotic" shipment ler. Which forwarder the last girl using?

  10. wow.. got monthly installments pulak...

  11. OMG the last one's so gross!

  12. Hong tao sar -___- Eh gib me ur number! I also wanna you to be my period expert lah, can mou?

  13. rycerain : kenot sleep then fast fast find your bf la!! :P

    aaronchua : kakaka u want monthly installment anot? maybe u can ask from rycerain la! lol

    lil'd : interest? interest is like what? tampon ar? lol

    ahpek : u wanna take over my place anot? i think u more sexpert than me leh! this is too traumatic for me ledi!

    huei : cum la! i give u this position la! i dunwan wei!

    hornyangmoh : haha then i dun wanna be gentlemen liow wei!! i sked!!!

    abcchin : so next time u also can ask ur bf whether he accept monthly installment plans anot la!

    boss : erm ... i think you are a suitable candidate also leh!

    moo_t : eleh .. those barger where got check one? u think they so rajin meh?!

    sengkiat : GOT! zero interest plan sommo! ... so u want 12 months or 24 months?

    skyler : hahaha where got gross la?! monthly installment only!

    lehbit : want meh? i 2 days no eat ledi leh! sommo i dun like hung tao sar wan wor!!!

  14. Anonymous1:05 am

    OMG this was so darn funny...good one Wingz. Keep it coming yeah!

  15. Anonymous1:33 am

    hmm.. wingz u like hak tao sar or not? or chi mar wu (sesame seeds)? when period blood dry liao will turn black one.. i leave some for u.. u wanT? i can give u monthly installment also.. :D


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