29 March 2007

Niahma You Dont Bruff!!

Ahbeng just rob a convinient store and he got away with it, unfortunately he was rounded up by the police later as a suspect.

The police brought him back to the station and lined him up together with other suspects for identification purpose.

Then later one Ahlian were brought into the room, Ahlian walked up and down several times and she still dint managed to positively identify the culprit.

Ahlian then walks to the Inspector and said :

Ahlian : that time was kinda dark ler and it happened so fast, i couldnt really see his face.
Inspector : Har? u dint see his face??!! then why you tell us that you could recognise him if you sees him again?
Ahlian : Ya ler ... i could recognise his voice ma!
Inspector : His voice? hmm ... okok maybe this could work! What was he saying when he was robbing you that time?
Ahlian : errr... I think he said "SUMA LUIT ANGKAT MALI! IF NOT I SHOOT 9 LU!"
Inspector : You sure thats what he said?
Ahlian : Yea ... pretty sure.

Suddenly Ahbeng move out from the line and shouted at Ahlian :

Ahbeng : Niahma! you dont bruff!!! I dint say lidat to you!!!


  1. Stupid ah beng !! haha .. but ah beng memang stupiak wan !! ...

  2. akkakakka

    lkj u sure that ahbeng is not u??

  3. wingz, sappot boss dancing in Rojaks. kasi samua olang tau.

  4. That An Beng should be cussing @#%*#@~$%%%. Hahaha

  5. you are the ahbeng kah kena tangkap basah? LOL. You are just the person who brings up lots of cheers to people. Like today, I am a little down - not enough sex? More than enough lar.... Too tired but after reading your ahbeng stoly, feel so much better.

  6. stupit ah beng ah beng......
    sit quite quite ok oledi mah

  7. Anonymous2:38 pm

    er ..
    how come he can listen to ah lian?
    The speaker is on ar?

  8. Anonymous3:47 pm

    Hee hee... good one. More Ah Beng jokes please!

  9. Si Heng, go type http://rojaks.com!!!!!

  10. lol... ah beng...haha

  11. diu haha,, where you get all these ahbeng jookes ah? never ending wan your supply.

  12. yealo... ah beng darn smart la XD

    mayb the polis purposely left the speaker on so that can provoke da ah beng... then can easy catch lor

  13. janicepa : i thot u like ahbeng geh??!!!

    huei : lpj dont tell on me!!!

    william : solilar brader, i kenot post that or else boss stewie will kill me! lol

    flsam : err .. i kena complained for being too vulger ledi .. so i kena tone down abit la! if not ppl dunwan advertise at my blog I jiak sai liow! lol

    erina : lidat kena charge for consultation fees ledi wor!

    ckyeo : no lar! ahbeng dun like ppl to lie to him only! lol

    waikor : ngek ngek ngek

    sasuke : u watch too much amadika movie la! this police station where got cam behind mirror wan? cam in front face to face wan! lol

    ac : wokeh! more ahbeng jokes kambing!!!

    5xmom : YEAYY!!!! ngo got own domain jor!!!! tenkiuuu!!!

    danielctw : I think i made ahbeng fehmes edi!

    jokeserv : if i tell u ledi then i will hafta kill u ledi wor! how u still wanna know anot?! lol

    conan : haha u also watch too much amadika detective series la!!

  14. Woi!!! Don't lah so muka duit. Wat r kawan for mah..... entertaining one another .... Hahaha

  15. Anonymous11:45 am

    wuahahahaaaa....yah that ah beng not u gua...


    Another good one Wingz. Keep it coming. Rojaks make my day.


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