1 March 2007

Together Gather Bloggers Party 2007 is TEH FULL!!!

Many tenkiu to everybodi for their overwhelming response!! Unofficially the Party is alredi Full-ED! Paucha-ED! Penuh-ED!

But dont give up yet! because my LADYBOSS asked me to tell everybodi that there might still be seats left!!

Why? .. according to my LADYBOSS, 90% of the attandees notchet paid wan ... and Monday is the deadline wor! Who registered ledi but notchet paid by Monday she will strike them off the list and made the seat available again!!

So, who still wanna go fast fast put your name in the waiting list la!!! Email to tggenquiry@gmail.com and tell them to put u under WAITING LIST ok?

How often do you get a second chance wor?? What you waiting for?!!! FAITIT LA!!!


  1. eh i pay edi..mott pay for me liao. Hahaha see u there tai kor.

  2. Paucha-ed. Haha! I like that word!

  3. oi!! reserve seat for the one bus of piao mei that i am brining in for entertainment!!

  4. HOORAY!!! HOORAY!!! teh full liao.

  5. ladyboss!! make sure more leng zais go yaa! =P

  6. Anonymous12:31 pm

    Ai... I cannot confirm until Tuesday. Strike me off the list la. Worse worse I go makan at the mamak stall outside and then come to meet and greet. Sienz...

  7. Anonymous2:52 pm

    huei: errr.... really no comment wo... paling leng zhai is wingz wo.. u sit beside him la

  8. wingz...tai kor. I tagged u la.


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